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just joined today and i weigh........

thank u hazlenut u are right. angela1, im on the stuff my face as much as i can diet and hopefully i can burn it off diet lol.

no serious i can get quite addictive when it comes to diets and calorie counting etc so i think im just gonna try one week of eating whatever i fancy and try to do half hr exercise a day and see if i have lost weight next tuesday.

not too good start though as i woke up this morning with the flu,

when i weigh in each week, do i stick to this thread or make a new thread each time?
I think most people keep to the same thread, I do as that I way I can look back over it more easily!

Good luck this week- it's always hard to diet when you're ill I think!
new here and my first weigh in is at 14 stone 9 pounds which is about 208 pounds. im so ashamed. im 5ft 3.
Hi jarael,

I am the same height and I weigh 180lbs, what is your target weight? Mine is 126lbs (9 stones) :) we are all here to help each other on the forum, everyone I have spoken to so far has been really friendly.

I'm hoping to purchase an exercise bike in a few weeks' time, and I'm trying to stick to no more than 1,400 calories a day. Make a plan for yourself and try and stick to it, working towards a goal. You'll get there! :D
Hi and welcome!

Please don't feel ashamed, we are all here to do one thing...lose weight!

Good luck with your journey! :)
thank u everyone, not sure on target but i just will be happy to get past 14 stone, for some reason i cant get past it, once i do i know ill work harder to make sure i dont go over again lol.
ideally i want tobe around 8 or 9 stones.
It's much better to have smaller targets I find- my first target was to lose a stone, which did take a while... now I take things 7lbs at a time and it makes me more conscious of reaching goals.

It's always nice to pass the round numbers as well- when you get to 13st13 you can think now I weigh less than 14 stone :)
I joined today as well, so :wavey:.
At least you are doing the exercise as well! I sat in the library all day and did no exercise :(
thanks. there are some days i cant be bothered though, i think to myself i wont exercise so i wont eat junk, but it never works out that way lol
That sounds SO familiar!
lol so nervous about weigh in tomorrow. since my binge on doughnuts yesterday im still suffering from bloated stomach. a mate i have not seen for a few months asked me when the baby was due when i bumped into her this morning. i laughed it off and told her i was tryin to lose weight, she was so embarrassed.

surprisingly im not depressed about it, im more determined then ever to shift the fat.

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