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Just joined

Hi fellow lipotrimmers,

my first post on this forum, hope its in the right place, i've been trying to suss it out for 2 days now (more complicated than the petforum lol)

I'm on day 7 of my 1st week and to be honest feel like rubbish! I am very cold, tearful, HUNGRY and irritable, thought this would only last about 3 days-but i've stuck it out and not cheated-hope its worth it.

I was wondering if the fact I have had most of my large bowel removed would make a difference to how i'm feeling. Any thoughts/ideas muchly appreciated


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Hiya Jan.. Welcome to the forum, and good luck with LT...

I am surprised you still feel hungry, but i am sure it will pass... I think a lot of us have found that our moods are all over the place at different times during this diet... I am sorry i have no idea if the removal of the bowel has/will have any effect on your moods and feelings..

When do you weigh in hun? I am sure that this will make it all seem worthwhile... Please keep posting and letting us know how you are doing...

We are here for the good times as well as the bad x x
thanks for the welcome Slimmersue,

i weigh in tomorro and will post my loss, I know i have lost, can feel it already but wondering how long i can put up with hunger feelings :( ( as well as all the other feelings lol)

Will keep on for as long as i can tho and its great to know theres help and support here :)
Hi Jan, welcome welcome welcome! How did your weigh-in go? I hope you're feeling a bit better. My emotions were all over the place in my first week but stick with it, it should pass x
Hi Ella Belle,

thankyou for the welcome, not been on here for a few days as i didn't have a computer, weigh in went well lost 10lb woohoo!!! :D:D
Still not feeling quite right, sooo cold, hungry and tired, thought it would get better, still determined tho, this 2nd week seems to be going a bit quicker although weekends are my weak time lol

Jan x
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WOW!!!! Fantastic loss Jan x x x

I am still cold and tired and i am over 9 weeks down the line.. I must admit the hunger has gone though...
Thankyou all, lets hope next week is as good, although I see from many posts it does drop a bit :cry:not sure how long i'll last, was going to be 6 weeks but I'm not so sure now, sooooo cold! lol

Jan x


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Welcome :)

Cold - normal. Tired - normal. Take advantage and have a few early nights. I've found my quality of sleep to be so much better whilst in ketosis, and not digesting whilst I sleep! The hunger should settle once you're into deep ketosis.

Good luck xx


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hey Jan,,fantastic job on your loss and getting through week 1... keep it up and youll be through week 2 in no time! :)
Nearing end of week 2!

How do I know when i'm Ketosis (deep or normal?) I'm still hungry, also cold & tired as already said but dizzy, achey have almost flu like symptoms.

Everyone on here seems to be doing really well with their losses so well done to you all, hope I can post as good weight losses in the future

Jan x
You will be in ketosis if you have been 100% throughout hun x x

Does your breath smell?? I am only asking cos that can be a sign of ketosis (I am not being personal!! lol)

Are you actually physically hungry, or are you just wanting/craving something to eat?

I am sure your losses will be great, especially if week 1 is anything to go by!!

Get yourself a ticker hun, as it is lovely to see the pounds going down (for us as well as you) x x
I tried to do a ticker lol totally confused, nothing showed up so I gave up, I cant even find out how to update weigh loss at the side bit. I followed a thread on her to set one up but still it didnt work, 1 post said if I didnt do it before I joined other people could see it but not me??????? not terribly technically minded so I gave inv lol

Totally different subject but I have read some post about making different things with the shakes, muffins etc, are there and threads on here for Lipotrim, the one I was reading was for Exante.

I am hungry, although I am 100% going to do this, cos I know if I stop now I will just eat 2 weeks worth of crap probably in a single night!!

ps nobody has said my breath smells, maybe they're all to polite, I will ask lol

thanks for your help

Jan x
Jan.. You update your details on the left by going to "User CP" up there on the left ^^^^^.. The top right hand side will say "Welcome Jannywanny".. Underneath that are al lot of small blue boxes,saying things like "search" and "log out".. Go to the left, and on the top line is "User CP".. Click on that, and the next screen comes up.. Under the "User CP", is a yellow box saying "Your Control Panel".. Under that it says "Your Profile", then under that it says "Edit your details"... Click that, scroll down and change what you need to..

There are recipe threads for LT on here hun.. I found this one, i hope it helps x x :


If you really want a ticker (and they are great) i will help you start one.. If i can do it anyone can cos i am a proper numpty when it comes to computers!! lol
Thats brill, thanks SS. I may try a muffin or choccy biscuit with choc shake tomorro, just be a bit of a change, TBH i'm really struggling tonight, feeling really hungry, upped my water as much as I can but i'm on my own in my shop so unable to visit the loo as much as I need if I drink loads.

I have managed to update my weight, was easy lol was staring me in the face but as for the ticker I would really like one but may be a bit beyond me at the mo.

Jan x
Well 4lb down, am officially OVERWEIGHT and not OBESE!!!! lol

Giving it a go for another week, not sure how long I can last, am struggling a bit, still so hungry although amazed I have this much willpower. Have NO self control whatsoever so probably best to stay on LT for another week or so.


addicted to minimins!!
janny thats great! i cant wait to be overweight lol! that only sounds good here!...keep at it hun. u know u can do it!x
Well 4lb down, am officially OVERWEIGHT and not OBESE!!!! lol

Giving it a go for another week, not sure how long I can last, am struggling a bit, still so hungry although amazed I have this much willpower. Have NO self control whatsoever so probably best to stay on LT for another week or so.
That's brilliant Jan! I remember the feeling......last week I realised, by accident, that I'm not even overweight anymore cos the BMI for 'healthy' is under 27 if you're over 50!!!!!! Would've done cartwheels if I could. Good for you:D
Fantastic loss Jan!! Keep going hun.. You are doing really well x x
Thanks guys.

Sandra I dont think i've ever done a cartwheel in my life lol handstands yes but cant remember cartwheels, maybe if I get to goal i'll try.

Gonna try making crisps with the chicken soup later, tried cookie, was a bit minging!!! very salty. Well i've paid for next week so will stick to it 100% again.
I did 2 batches of cakes yeserday for OH and didnt even lick the spoon, well chuffed ha ha.


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