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Just joined!

Hi, I'm a new member and I started lipotrim on sunday. I know you're not supposed to but I've weighed myself at home and have lost 8 pounds. I feel this is alot to lose in three days even though I know it's primarily water. Just a bit worried about how fast it's coming off and was wondering how much others lost in their first week,

Thanks x :)
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Hey - congrats on taking the step to do lipotrim its hard but you have to think about how gorgeous and healthy you will be!

You arent supposed to weigh yourself because most home scales are wrong and you could end up dissapointed (ie if you think you have lost 8lb and really you only lost 4lb)

Good luck on your LT journey - and remember this site is really really helpful towards keeping on track :)

Thanks so much for your quick reply. I know I've lost 8 pounds as my clothes are already dropping off. Everyone is commenting that they can notice. I can really see it aswell. Just wondering if over half a stone in three days is healthy! I know there's a chance that when I get weighed at the pharmacy it will be different but I'm just worried how much more I'll lose this week if you understand.

Thanks again xx
No its not dangerous more than likely all water and glycogen that you have lost.

I wouldnt worry but if you are concerned ask your chemist

But congrats on losing the 8lb!!!
Thanks, got a long way to go though - around 4 stone. Find it surprisingly easy though. I'm even preparing food for my family without any problems. Don't know if it will last though! Having trouble navigating this site though - learning how to find my way around is tricky!

You only have 20 pounds to go though right? Well done! x


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Hey, Its only the first week where weight loss is really fast, so dont worry about it being sooo rapid. I am impressed though at 8lbs in 3 days! It reminds me of that Peter Kay live DVD "18 Stone in a day" lol . I appologise if you dont get it!! lol
Keep it up Carrie, I lost 13lb in my first week and my sister lost 14lb..so expect a big weight loss. It does slow down after the 1st week!


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stick to the pharmasists scales hun but it is possible to lose that amount ,your right its mainly water the first week but soon youll be waving goodbye to the fat forever xx


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Hello welcome and good luck hun, most people have a bigger loss in the first week so its to be expected. Everybody is right about the scales although i personally weighed myself daily!! xx
Your not to worry, thats a similar story for many, as for the scales there are no rules on when and how many you stand on but it could be a recipe for upset, stick to your chemists scales as they are ones that count.........Good luck!;)


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Well done,I had a sneaky weigh first week and my home scales were right,I lost 14lb first week but it that will be my biggest loss in a week.Dont worry,just enjoy the fact that your clothes are looser!
Keep at it!
I'm half way through the 2nd week on LT and I KNOW how hard it is. The 1st week you are obsessive about food!! Seven days in and I was desperate to chew on something solid.. not helped by the house smelling of toast on Sat morning!
First weigh in and I'd lost 11lbs..
I can honestly say that the 2nd week is sooooo much easier - get into a routine with your shake times and it will become automatic - buy a blender for work if need be.. all my work pals have had a sip and can see the benefits already. Size 24 trousers I bought 3 weeks ago I can take off without undoing - baggy as hell and just the motivation you need.
Good luck and stay positive - think of how fab you'll feel come summer.
keep up the good work , your weight loss is super and you will soon be addicted to these shakes and dont get your self tied up with worrying , this is the begining of the new you so enjoy it . deb x
14 stone in a day!

Thanks so much guys for all your advice. I'm actually finding it surprisingly ok - I'm still cooking and preparing food for my family with no problems. I'm very pleased to say that I have not lost anymore - still at 8 pounds - phew!

Little worried about a pain/discomfort I'm getting on my right side just above my ribcage. Doesn't really hurt - just annoying. Worried it's gallstones. Anyone have any info as I heard if you lose weight quickly you can develop gallstones?

Thanks xxx :(


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I really wouldn't worry about it being the weight loss thats caused gallstones. It could just be your colon adjusting as its no longer filled with rubbish....I think the connection between gallstones and weight loss is when you lose stones....not lbs. Out of the 8lbs you lost a lot of that will be glycogen/water so don't worry. Everything is normal with your weight loss. If you still have pains in a few days I'd see your gp. Its very likely not to be connected to the diet. Good luck.


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congrats on your weight loss so far..my scales and the ones at the gym, and the drs all weigh the same. i asked the chemist whos scales weigh 7lbs heavier about this. they confirmed that yes, in fact, they do weigh 7lbs more but had been calibrated by LT to do this (for some reason) and so i was to use my scales/drs/gyms as my target but still get weighed on theirs every week as usual. this ive done religiously but also weighed on mine/drs/gyms so i know exactly..but it is always 7lbs different!!

re the gallstones..i had my gallbladder out 5 years ago. symptoms to look out for are pains on the shoulder, terrible stomach cramps, sudden intolerances to food/alcohol, not being able to eat much, any usual stomach pains (high in the stomach, not down)...believe me, you would know when something is wrong :) i had 2 years of problems before it gradually got worse and in the end i could hardly eat anything at all and had gallbladder removed. i became vegan through this cause was intolarant to so many things just before and afterwards..but since doing LT no symptoms whatsoever. it will be interesting to see if anything returns after refeeding :)

hope that helps xxx

h x
good girl,you 're doing fine i'm relatively new also, but listen, 8 pounds or more on week one seems fine. I lost 17'5lbs on week one so it is doable and I'm still losing since.This diet is saving my life and my sanity, stick with it you'll be fine!!!!!!!!Michelle.

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