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Just messed up again & feel so bad/guilty

big bear

A bear on a mission!
I was fine today up until this afternoon. I had a talk with H about the issues we're having (see off topics) & I was told that he does a physical job & needs his sleep. I'm exhausted as I'd got to sleep last night & then baby woke for a feed, I got her asleep & my son woke up & wouldn't go back to sleep for 2 hours.

He annoyed me so that I ate chips (not SW) & 2 eggs (fried) followed by half a millionaires cheesecake.

I don't know why I do it to myself. I got away with being bad last week when I lost 1lbs & vowed to be 100% this week & then I go blow it again.

I feel sick, angry, guilty, tired. I feel like walking out on H & the kids & to just keep walking I don't know where or what to do just feeling so low.

I know I should be grateful H has a job & I've 2 beautiful kids but I've had enough. :cry:
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huge hugs so sorry to hear your distress try not to kick yourself about it most of us turn to food at some stage as a comfort or during emotion draw a line and start again you may be able to claw some back really thinking of you right now x
Oh i'm sorry that your chat didn't go well. Can you not go to a friends for an hour or two before he goes to work? If not a friends house can you not get out for a half hour walk just to try and clear your head? You have just had a wee baby and it is very very hard work being a mummy both physically and mentally. Food wise tomorrow is another day x x
Are you at home with the kids? Do you think having a nap during the day with baby might help?
Then when he get's in from work and no housework has been done or tea been cooked for him you can tell him exactly why!!

big bear

A bear on a mission!
When Baby asleep my 2 year old is up & when 2yr old is having a nap baby is usually up.

I can't get out as you guessed it...he's asleep again even though he's not working tonight. My son is up also & I can't go out till he's asleep (8pm) & the baby is awake sitting on her chair...I also don't like to leave them because H can very conveniently sleep through crying.
I know that's usually how it happens one falls asleep and another wakes up - makes you feel like you are going nuts! Well if he isn't working tonight then he will be available to watch HIS children tomorrow. When the kids wake up in the morning leave them with him and go out for the day. If you are back in time for tea then it will give him the chance to have a nap before going to work tomorrow night.

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