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Just messed up

Just draw a line under it and get back on track :)
I do that. Well not for the shame factor of it. Just so I know how much over I have gone. I think it helps me to face up to it. And sometimes realise when it hasn't been as bad as it could have been. Makes it easier to get back on track :)
Well I added it all on and your right Bostik it wasn't quite as bad as I thought. But need to make sure I have lower calorie snacks to hand next time I open a bottle of wine. Suggestions welcome please
There you go :) Hmm what kinda things do you normally eat when you're drinking that send you off track? I'll see if I can think of anything :)
I've had a pretty horrendous few days, food wise, and thanks to MFP and you guys on here I've accepted that I've just got to move on and make better food choices for the rest of the week. Try not to stress too much about it hun :)
Thanks guys have really tried to avoid the booze this week since my mess up. It seems like as soon as I sit down with a glass of wine, my brain goes into overdrive and mentally goes through what's in the fridge/cupboards! Usually have bought a bottle for the weekend and along with that, treats for the kids. I really need to plan healthy low cal snacks to grab before I rugby tackle the kids to get to their dairy milk, crisps and haribo !!!! Any advice ? Ps carrots and peppers don't usually suffice when I know there is chocolate and sweet chilli sensations in. HELP :)
I love crisps. I get the lower calorie ones like french fries or wotsits or whatever. As long as I am having some, I can resist my sisters higher cal crisps!
Alcohol is eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil!

Whenever I have a drink my body craves salt (quite normal apparently - something about the salt content in your body being lowered by booze?) So when I think I want a McDonalds, all I want is, for example, some low fat ready salted crisps. If you crave chocolate, I recommend trying to get into dark chocolate, if you haven't already. You're much less likely to go nuts with dark chocolate. I have a couple of squares and I'm usually done. Also, instead of buying loads of fun bars and stuff like that, spend the same amount of money on ONE bar of REALLY nice, luxury chocolate. You're much less likely to scoff if it's something you really appreciate and savour, in my experience.
I agree "alcohol is evil" and yeah it is normally savoury snacks I crave. I really try to save cals if I know I'm going to have a glass or two, which probably makes it worse as I'm then more hungry and will eat anything in sight. Gonna try the dark chocolate idea though and French fries this weekend so watch this space :) thanks for advice x
I have had more to drink since starting CCIng than in the previous 3 years (not sure that's a good admission, but it's true!). I simply plan for it and get plenty exercise calories in that day (I do alot of hill walking and mountain climbing, so can easily amass a good 3000-4000 eat back calories on a day off work, and or follow up with TONS of water for the next few days, as well as another wee hike the following day, if I'm not too hungover ;)
I drink stout and beer (not lager) and can easy have 18-20 pints on a night out, but thanks to calorie counting I can factor these into my 'diet' and am losing weight faster than ever before!
Snacking isn't usually my problem, as I rarely drink at home, but same goes for that. Don't see it as a failure, see it as something you 'do' and work out a way of incorporating it into your new way of life :D
Your right there iwillsoonbeslim, I tend not to crave snacks if I'm not at home. It's only when I'm at home and know the goodies are in that they shout me. I exercise three times a week but don't usually add my cals earned into MFP. Perhaps I should do this then can use the calories burned during exercise for my wine. Really should get out walking again too but as the darker nights draw in it gets harder to motivate myself to go back out after work.
LOL Come dine with me is one of my most favourite programmes....I have had to start watching it while having lunch or dinner tho, otherwise it makes me starving!!!
18 - 20 pints!? I'd be in a coma if I had that much! Mind you, I go silly on two pints. I admire your stamina, miss!
hahahaha! I've always been able to handle my drink well, but I'm just improving with age ;) I blame the Irish in me, as Guinness is my first choice, usually lol
I have a 'real life' pal who also uses MFP and one day I thought I was logging each pint as I had it, but it turned out I was doing it like : 1 pint + 2pints + 3 pints.... she was most impressed/shocked/worried/amused that I'd drank 50 pints the previous evening hahahahahahaha I had, infact, only had 15 in total pmsl :8855:

Mind you, there are some days it just goes straight to my head, and I feel boozy after two!

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