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Just ordered...

Slim & Save for a month! It won't come for another 3 - 5 days as I chose the collect plus option. So sticking to Slimfast until it arrives just to get myself used to it.

Very excited to join you all on this! Was going to wait until I got to 11st before I joined but got a tad impatient so just went for it...!


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Feeling great in 2012!
Welcome Dollyanna!

I just ordered my next batch too :). I'm definitely in it for the long term. Might be worth swapping over to Atkins shakes in the couple of days before you start S&S as the carbs are much lower than Slimfast and it'll help with carb withdrawal when you start S&S. Large Tescos and Boots tend to stock them.
Oh thank you I'll get myself some of those tomorrow! It's good to know that you've ordered a second batch, it must be a good VLCD! It was between Exante and Slim & Save but SS look like it had more options and variety and had alot of good comments on here.

I have noticed it's very pro-exante in the other forums though! xxx


Feeling great in 2012!
I nearly did Exante too but the thing that drew me to S&S was that I could choose what I wanted and still get it for a reasonable cost. With Exante you had to order their bulk pack to get it in the most cost effective way and I didn't want the flavours they make you have in those bulk packs, I wanted the flavours that I wanted, when I wanted them. Maybe Exante has been round for longer which is why it's more popular? Reading some of the Exante posts though lots of people don't seem to like their bars and substitute bars such as the Biggest Loser instead. I like all of the S&S bars although Banana and Choc Truffa are my favourites :). I only like the premium shakes though - I didn't like the economy ones much at all. And the spag bol is delish! I don't tend to have the soups as I do 3 a day and can't fit one in so it's the one I'm happy to miss. If you don't like anything I believe that Rob is happy to swap them I believe but I've liked all of the ones I've tried (apart from the economy shakes and I only had 1 each of those anyway).

You'll see the weight come off much faster than with Slimfast if you can stick to it. I was on Lipotrim 6 years ago for 4 months and lost 5 stone. Then I went on a low calorie 'food' diet and lost another stone after a few weeks on that. I then decided that I wanted to lose the rest of the weight a bit more quickly so went back onto Lipotrim for a couple of weeks to try to kick start getting the last stone off. I didn't expect to lose as much the second time round but I still lost 10lbs in 2 weeks which as I was delighted with.

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