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just over 7 days till the beginning of Jan


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Hiya, I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to starting CD on the 2nd!! Depending on what I am doing on the 1st I might even start on the 1st I'm that excited.....I am sure my enthusiasm will wear off but I'd love to bottle this feeling to make the journey at little easier!! Looking forward to journeying with you Lou! Merry Christmas!
I've just had a couple of days off for Christmas. Don't think I'm going out on NYE now so I'm going to get back on CD either the day after boxing day or the day after that.

It will hopefully be the day after boxing day rather than the Friday as I'm going to get up ridiculously early that day to go to the Next sale and I'm hoping the clothes will be enough incentive for me to get back on track on the 27th!
Ooops. Didn't realise I was in the cambridge diet returners forum - thought I was in the cambridge diet one :doh:


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I am looking forward to it, purely to stop the run of food input that I'm in at the moment...I may have actually gained a stone in December - eek. My hubby happened to mention it tonight as well which was a shame, but hey, couldn't livein denial for too long I suppose :) Here's to enjoying CHristmas with a view to starting our journeys on 2nd xx
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I'm starting again on the 27th .. got about 5 stone to go ... lost 6 last year and have put about 2 back on! 4 months of starvation for me and i want to get it done, so am going to enjoy the next 2 days!


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Hiya everyone.

Its been ages since I've been on the site and I bet I've gained 2 stone since I last posted (REALLY hope I am over exagerating there). Haven't been weighed yet but plan on starting CD again on 2nd Jan. Half of me is so much looking forward to it and the other half is absolutely dreading it. Fingers crossed my gain isnt as much as I think it is but anyway thats by the by coz none of my clothese fit any more!!!!

This site was a godsend last time so hope to spend a lot more time with you these coming months.

Mia x


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After this week I have decided to start cutting back from tomorrow in the lead up to 2nd and then may put conceiving on hold for a month to get rid of whatever I've gained over Christmas...which has to be an awful lot as none of my clothes fit, and I mean not one pair of jeans fits without cutting me in half. I'm not going to weigh until 2nd so am hoping I can shift a few of the pounds I've gained so the gain on 2nd won't (hopefully) be as big as it would be tomorrow! Hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas & Boxing Day.

Joe xx
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I hope knowone minds me joining Im new to the Minimins site but was on the CD diet last year (lost 2 stone). I will be restarting on fri 28th December doing the sole source program. I am 13 stone so have 3-4 stones to lose as I am only 5ft 4".

I have found this site quite inspirational and feel that I could really do this. I havnt felt this optimistic for a long time regarding a diet. I do realise my optimism probably wont last but I need to start now Im in the correct frame of mind.

I havnt cut down at all Ive enjoyed christmas so Im expecting hard days to start but hopefully things will get better.
Any help and support would be greatly appreciated. And Im here to support anyone who needs it.


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Hi Tigger, you are in good company! I haven't cut down at all and expect a hard few days, but then if it wasn't hard we wouldn't need this forum! I am really hopeful and having spoken to hubby tonight we may put off conceiving for more than a few months to actually get me back to where I wanted to be figurewise, so I may be sole sourcing on 2nd January after all. Just threw out a huge full tin of Celbrations, a box of chocolate mints and chocolate orange, gave away two carrier bags of chocs and cakes yesterday, so am on the way...that would have sat on my body if I'd kept it in the house. I still have two boxes that I can't bring myself to get rid of yet, but hopefully tomorrow will be that day...small steps xx
S: 15st6lb C: 14st10lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 36.5 Loss: 0st10lb(4.63%)
Hi Artyjoe, I start sole sourcing tommorow so expecting to feel really bad over the weekend, but hopefully will feel better by monday. Well done throwing all those sweets away dont think I could have done that.
If you put your mind to it Im sure you will be at your goal in a matter of months, then you can really concentrate on trying for a baby.

Good luck for when you start Im sure you will succeed. Keep in touch with your progress xx

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