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Just posting.....


longs to be average!
Why do they do it in kilos?????? I have to come home, stick it on a spreadsheet to convert into pounds so I can understand what my weight now is. I guess thats what comes from living in the USA for so long - only understand pounds!!!


Happily pro pointing!
nothing to do with living in the US corey, most of us haven't a clue about kilos, I have to come home and stick it in a spreadsheet too.:D
I don't do kilos or metres or kilometres.


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i really have no clue about kilos.. but FITJ told me its something like 2.2lbs per kilo.. lol.. i think..

x x x


longs to be average!
2.2 pounds to a kilo is correct - for me people who say how much they weigh in kilos, might as well speak in klingon for all I understand - and like you Ali, I don't do kilometres or metres either. it's feet and inches for me


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Am the only one that can deal with kgs, km etc? although having said that after living in the UK for nearly 7 years now, I am just as happy with pounds. I convert everything from kg to stone and pounds now. Losing 2.2lbs sounds so much better than 1kg :D


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My LLC also does it in kilos. I have to convert it to be able to see how much I weigh!
Good to go for it in kilos - makes a good change.

Mine weighs me in kilo's and then changes it to stones/pounds so that it's easier to understand.

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