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Just some thoughts


Positivity is the key
My son has just asked for some crisps and I opened a packet of cheese and onion for him. I stuck my face into the bag and soaked up the smell of them, in fairness now they do smell rather wonderful. Did I cheat? Hell no, just wanted to smell them. He wasn't too impressed though and kept trying to take them off me, I gave them back after a minute.
But it got me thinking. They say if we learn to listen to our bodies it will tell us everything we need to know, what we are lacking, how much food we need, when we are just thirsty and not hungry. I am hoping that at the end of this journey I will start to understand more about how my body works.
The thing I realise on this diet is when I have a shake it totally fills me, I feel full. I have never felt that full before after a meal. Part of this is due to the ammount of water I drink on this diet and also I hope that my stomach is shrinking because I am not shovelling food not needed into it.
Also there is no emotional eating on this diet, when I feel upset I come on here and give or get support and that seems to work. There are also none of the highs and lows normally experienced by eating sugar, which also helps with the mood.
These are just some ramblings but hopefully it's me getting my head in gear to be ready when I do come off this diet, it's not too early to start preparing as it has taken me over 20 years to get to this stage, it won't all be rectified in the 8-10 months it takes me to get to goal.
Sorry if this is long winded but need to get it out sometimes so the ideas become concereted in the brain.
Take care
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Hi Doirin, you are not rambling at all, that's what this LT diet does to us all, makes us re-evaluate our relationship with food. I now find I DON'T eat, unless I am hungry...although as I am a member services operator, I DO have to eat in my break-times, 10.30 a.m. and 3.30 p.m. and dinner at 8.00 p.m.....no snacks required in between.But this is a vast improvement from before when I had breakfast at 8.00 a.m. snacked on fruit, 10.30 a.m. lunch at 1.00 p.m. snack of cheese and crackers when I got home 5.30 p.m. then a large dinner at 8.00 p.m.... I sometimes forget to eat at the weekends, but always take bottles of water with me whenever I go out! I find I am enjoying healthy food SO much now and although I have had a few squares of 70% dark organic chocolate, a couple of times, I no longer want to eat junk or a whole family-size packet of anything!!! Hope this feeling lasts!! But I have to take one day at a time, like I'm on A.A.!!!!


Positivity is the key
Hi Supaslimma,
it is a bit like AA I guess, sugar is an addiction and it will take a time to retrain the brain to do without. They do say the higher the carob percentage in chocolate is the better for you, 70% is very good. I read somewhere, most likely on here and perhaps by yourself that 2 squares of chocolate or 2 tsp of dessert is enough for taste after that you are just feeding, I keep trying to drill that into my brain now, so that when I am finished on the TFR part of this journey I am ready for what comes next.
take care


Here we go again!
This diet is great for retraining your brain about food.

About the sniffing. I do it all the time. It seems to help with cravings or just wanting to smell different things. Last night my hubby had a pack of giant chocolate buttons. They smelt sooo good! They've never smelt like that to me before. I think a lot has changed within me whilst on LT. Things smell better and I can't wait to have my first chicken and salad. Only 2 weeks to go but really can't wait to eat all that healthy food. I never really ate fruit before but can't wait to try cherries, plums and nectarines. Never actually eaten any of those before. Hope these feelings stay with me forever.


Success leads to success
Hi Doirin

No your not rambling, it is true for me aswell that I feel very full on this diet, I think it is because of all the water we drink and also its a biological fact that water fills up a bigger surface area of the stomach. Its funny you should say about the crisps, as I look after my 3 yr old nephew 4 times a week whilst his dad is at work, and the other day I brought him a sausage roll but it was too hot so I had to blow it to cool it down, the amazing thing is that even though it smelt wonderful i didnt realise what I had been doing and that it hadnt affected me until I gave it to him to eat. It was like it didnt faze me at all. :)

This diet is wonderful, I really believe it is, never would I have thought 3 weeks ago that a person can go 1 day without food but we can, the strength and willpower we all hold is incredible. Thanks for sharing your story Doirin :)


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smelling food is great an thers nothing wrong with it
i agree with what yer seying 2 this diet is good for givin us time 2 re train the brain on food


maintaining since June'09
Personally I think this is THE fundimental (sp?) thing about this diet. It forces you to break all the associations with food and find other ways to deal with anything that happens. Hopefully then, afterwards we can hang on to those 'other ways' and not go back to old habits.
I think this particular VLCD is the 'best' one for this BECAUSE of the lack of choices - it's nutrition, nothing more and makes us realise that that's what we need not hundreds of different choices - food is fuel ...... xx
Hi Doirin

I really like reading your threads and yes, you make perfect sense. I also smell food, it is definitely more heightened. It just shows when we aimlesly shove food into our mouths we have never taken time to savour it, or chew it properly and appreciate it. This is the first diet...and I have been on many... that has done this. It is certainly an education. Having the support as well from all the online members is invaluable.
Here is hoping that this time we may be successful!! ;)


A little of everything!
Has anyone noticed how much more appetising 'good' food smells? Now I don't mean chocolate or 'chippy' chips, which will always smell divine! LOL!, I mean, I've noticed how I love the smell of meat or fish on the grill? My hubby had a chinese at the weekend, and a few weeks ago I would've been drooling onto the plate, but I could only notice how greasy it was! It actually turned my stomach! And my daughter had a burger the other evening and I nearly gagged when I saw the fat dripping out of it onto the grill pan- how could I not have noticed it before?? She's benefited too as they've now been binned- only home-made ones made from lean mince from now on for them! I've already started giving them things like chicken & veg kebabs which they think are much more 'fun' than nuggets etc....

The re-education has begun!


Positivity is the key
I suppose this diet, or way of life as I like to think of it has given us the chance to look at food differently. I too cooked burgers for the kids tea yesterday and as they were cooking and I couldn't see them it was fine but I was appalled at the fat coming out of them ( and they were cooking in the oven). I do tend to make my own a lot but was rushed and got frozen ones. I gave them chicken stirfried with a bit of seasoning and they said it was better than nuggets, will do that more often.
As time goes on I believe I will get them more conscious of what they are eating, my eldest is a sporty kid, youngest runs everywhere but the lad in the middle is the one I have to watch. Loves the tv and the computer more than going out. He has a belly on him, I naturally don't comment but I try to do activities he would like. It does worry me that he may become a comfort eater and I suppose given the time his dad was sick and since he died I let things kind of slide.
I think this new me is ready now to tackle the wider issue of food in the home and that can only bring good things. Spent the afternoon at the beach and he didn't leave the water except for a drink and something to eat, so perhaps swimming may be his thing. Worth a try, isn't it!!
I think its great that you have done so well and also that you have so many helpful things to say. this post has made me think about my diet before which wasnt great. I am fairly busy and would eat handy things for quickness to get an energy rush to be followed by a slump:( my temper wasnt great either but now on day 11 I am on a much more even keel and hope I can find a way of maintaining it after LT. well done to u x

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