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Just started CD 1000


Restart 3/9/2013
Hey all

Was doing CD SS (again - managed 3 months and 5 stone last year then fell off the wagon and regained it all!). Managed 8 days then had to stop - my mind and body just completely rejected the concept of trying to live on less than 500kcal a day!

So anyway had a rough couple of soul destroying days after failing SS (or at least fell that way). I HAVE to lose weight - I was at just short of 25 stone and can't keep getting fatter! But I can't keep going from one extreme to the other - binge eating and gaining then cutting down to starving point (for me) on SS, then binging and regaining etc etc.

I had a good long think and I have decided to give 1000kcal a go as that will hopefully be the way forward for me! Went shopping last night and got all I need, then started this morning. I am working on the theory that I was living on about 4000kcals a day until a couple of weeks ago so how can I fail to lose weight on 1000kcal?

fingers crossed huh?
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Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic

You'll do fab. 1000 is a really lovely plan to be on. I've ducked back to 810 for a few weeks but 1000 is great.

Good luck and well done for getting through day one xxx

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
Good luck Starlit.

Lots of people love 1000. It's where I fell off the wagon last time because I couldn't deal with the hunger from not being in ketosis and thought just because I was hungry, I needed to it. I didn't find 1000 comfortable at all but looking forward to it this time around.

I came back on 810. I love 810 as I'm in ketosis but still have a fair amount of food to eat. The weight losses average 10 - 12 lbs a month so v similar to SSing.


Stubborn tortoise
Good luck Starlit... you have to lose on 1000 and it is an easier plan to fit in with everyday life. Hope it goes well and gets you to goal... you can do it!


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