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Just started Exante and I am excited!!

Hi everyone,

My name is Amy and I am finally starting Exante this week. I have a goal of losing upto 100 pounds and I would appreciate any support I can get...I have also joined Curves in the last week and am enjoying that too...so here goes...

I strangely like the taste of the shakes and soups - as well as the variety so I dont envisage getting bored with the flavours :)

I plan to check in regularly as I need accountability. Looking forward to hearing from any of you with any helpful tips as I go along:)

Thanks !

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Hi Amy, welcome to the merry band of Exantinites. When do you plan to start? You are not alone with regards to enjoying the soups and shakes, I enjoy them as well but many people do not.

Is this your 1st VLCD, if so I hope you are ready for a tough ride as this is the mother of all diets. Headaches, maybe. Hunger, definately. Super duper over the top cravings, definately, probably the worst side affect and last but not least, huge weight losses, most definately.

As long as you have the right mindset going into this you will fine, we are all here for you as well. We have all been where you are about to go and will support you 100% of the way, we will try to keep you going through the rough times but we also want to hear from you when the going is good. You input, if you plan to, will be vital on this forum, your journey will inspire others and us. We each have a different story to tell but the same goal, to lose weight.

You 1st week will be the easiest and as the novelty wears off and the weight loss stabalises out it gets harder, you will question yourself and the diet but you must always remember the end goal and why you are doing this. Set small targets as when achieved will motivate you to carry on, these achieved targets also keep us going to honest we all need contstant inpiration.

Well now that I have had my say, and I hope it's didn't drag on for to long, good luck with your journey and keep popping onto this forum.
HI Mark

Thanks for responding. I am fairly new to the VCLD way of weightloss. I did however try Dietimeal..I could not stand the taste of most of their shakes - funny texture...so i gave up...I had lost about 20 pounds though...But I am now more determined than ever, and am focused on doing it the right way i.e water intake as well as just letting everyone know that food is off limits ....I tried to keep it a secret last time and it was unfortunately self sabbotage as I did not have any accountability and kept thinking ... 'I'll start again tomorrow'. I have now told everyone who needs to know...just put it out there - and informed them that its a healthy way of eating and no.. I am not depriving myself and becoming aneroxic .What that has done is made me feel like everyone is watching and I cant just decide to give in to food as much... psychological game in my mind really...and thats also why I joined the forumn - I want to be accountable and I want to be asked how its going and have something to show for it every week or so...

I am well aware of the headaches because of my past experience...what I need to do is to make it through 4 solid weeks then I know I am not going to back track and slide...seems really silly but the first 2-3 weeks are fine for me ...but once I hit week 4 I m seriously needing motivation...

So thanks again Mark..lol... I will be here often :)



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Hi Amy and a big warm welcome to our fabulous forum. You'll get plenty of support here and if you need it the occassional telling off lol.
As for accountability there's the daily Honk thread where you can tell everyone that you have been 100% for that day and the monthly challenge where you post how much you want to lose during that month and update weekly once you've weighed in. Talk about putting it out there for all to see!!
Keep checking in here as often as you can. It's our lifeline :)


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welcome amy, and good luck, yes u r in the right place here, we all try help each other, and do hope you become a valued member also, we never judge and ride the good with the bad, if we have a bad day we come here for comfort and to take our minds off food, hope to see ya around.
Good luck, I started this week too, in fact its weigh in day for me tomorrow!

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