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just started -help!

Good Afternoon Suzie, how much water have you had and have you had your 2nd pack for lunch? You need to keep hydrated at all times, they suggest between 2 and 4 litres a day. As for this being normal, it does affect people differently and sadly you are feeling rotten.
Swallowing down water as I type, Mr M, and you have spotted yes, I've forgotten to have the second pack for lunch (one of those days....)

C'mon, Carly82, we can do this!

sorry for getting dramatic. Lor, I've had worse hangovers!
Hey Suzie, thats what this forum is for, rant and rave all you want, it does make you feel better
Fortunately I have had no such problems, and thank goodness for that.


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I felt really sick after the first shake:( After a couple of days I was fine:) The shakes started to aste differently after a couple of days.

Strawberry is not my favourite but at least I can stomach it now. Hope you feel better soon:)
LOL Yes indeed Suzie we can. Better to be feeling a bit ill every so often than constantly watching what you eat but piling on weight anyway which is where I was before this.
We all rant! See my thread earlier today - far more whingey and overdramatic than yours ;)

Good luck

Maybe take a few bars in and put them in your desk drawer just in case :)
Carly82. How dare you be more dramatic than me. I think I'll strop off in an even more dramatic manner.
OR we could both turn into the Exante Drama Queens, and then NOBODY could be more dramatic than us!


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I always try and wait as long as possible for my packs but I think you really need to try and space them out evenly over the day.
I'm guilty too at the mo. Had a bar late morning and am trying to wait a bit for my next one cos I'm going to a friend straight from work so wont get number 3 till early evening.
I felt kind of like i had a bad hangover the frst couple of days and day 4 being the worst....but it passes. Drink plenty, keep your meals to regular times (as much as possible) and you'll notice you start feeling better xx


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are you drinking to much water because sometimes that can make you feel ill ??
hope you start feeling better soon x:)

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