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Just Started Lipotrim

Hi, i am on day 2 of Lipotrim and have a real headace today but am sure it will pass i haven't took anything yet other than a cup of black tea as i thought this might help me headace. i found my 1st day fine until dinner last nite i found it quite difficult not to eat, am not looking forward to the weekend as my partner usually eats chinese at the weekend, it will be a killer!!

i only have a stone and a half to loose can anyone tell me roughly how long it will take me to loose this?:confused:

And did anyone exercise with this diet? did it speed the weight loose?
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Hi and welcome. The headaches are normal hun and will pass, make sure you drink plenty of water. As for the weight loss, you could lose the stone and a half in about a month as the first week's loss is usually higher.

Exercise is not recommended when you first start the diet, its best to go easy for a couple of weeks before introducing exercise. It doesn't always help as it can build muscle which weighs heavy. Good luck and stick at it x


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The headaches will clear up. I personally didn't get them but had a feeling of being very vague on Day 3 (kinda fuzzy). That was the worst day for me, but by the morning ketosis had kicked in and from then on I have been fine!

Good luck to you on your LT experience :D


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Yeah, stay with it, if you drink lots of water the headache will pass. When OH is having his chinese, have a lovely bath and do all your exfoliating, moisturising type stuff. If you do a bit of a beauty treatment whenever he eats tempting food, not only will you be thinner at the end, but fluffing gorgeous too!!:cupid::bliss:
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Hey! good luck and tell ur partner to have a take away free weekend just this once to support you in your quest for a sexy bod which will benefit them in the long run anyway :D lol

You will probably loose about half a stone this week and then half a stone every 2 weeks after that... a few weeks will make a massive difference - so u dont have long to do it - just knuckle down and hang in there and watch the transformation - its amazing! :)



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Heya and welcome ;)


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welcome and good luck.

any discomfort will pass quickly if you stick with it :D


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hi, good luck on your quest to lose abit of weight... keep at it, im on day 5.
Any questions, ask around this site, the guys and girlies are sound, they won't bite...well maybe some..lol


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Hey welcome to LT Madness, yup all the bits of headaches etc will pass... once you hit ketosis you'll love it!!!! you dont have a great deal to lose, so i would say an intial big weight loss and them around 2-3lbs a week
Drink loads of water and you will be fine.
With regards to exercise, i started on week 2, and dont worry about building muscle mass, it takes a while!!! so if you feel you can do it, go do it girl x x here's to a slimmer you xxx
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Welcome and good luck.

Once you are in ketosis things will be easier. I have to cook for OH and 3 children every night and find that these days it really doesn't bother me. It did at first so just be strong and tell OH to either go without this weekend or eat it elsewhere.

You won't be on LT forever, I'd guess between 5 and 8 weeks if you stick to it 100%. So hang in there.

As for exercise, listen to Nic, she knows what she's talking about. Defo don't do any this first week but after that, do what you can and want to when you want to.

When do you have your WI? I'll look forward to hearing how well you do.

Take care hun.

Hi yeah - Best of luck for the rest of the week. I'm just entering my 2wk, the first 4 days were extremly hard, but worth it. I lost 12lb.

Best of luck
Hi, got day two over and wasn't to bad looking forward to my weigh in on Wednesday. I even managed a nite in the pub last nite and drank water (people will be thinking am pregnant)lol thanks to all your kind messages i will keep everyone posted and hopefully fingers crossed reach my goal weight

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