Just started today... struggling


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Welcome and well done on starting :)

Oh your shake must have been full of lumps :( .. a blender is a million times better yes or one of the actual shakers you can buy through your chemist (about a fiver) that is what i use. They'll taste better when mixed properly x


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S: 24st1lb C: 20st2lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 3st13lb(16.32%)
thank you, been putting of trying another as it was soo bad, went and bought a wee hand blender so hoping it helps.

It should make a big difference :) hope so as lumpy shakes will make it even harder. Ask your chemist for a shaker too .. great to take to work etc x


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Will make a world of difference! I didn't have a shaker for first 2 days and was pouring mine through a sieve to get of the lumps lol

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Hi, welcome, and good luck.
There is a thread on here for recipes and things you can do with your shake to make it more interesting and even taste better!!!
Stick with it, they will soon start to taste good!! LOL
x x x


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Try drinking the shakes through a straw,it really does help and a hand blender is definitely a must! I've always used one and it makes the shakes quite frothy :)


Yes, I agree, a shaker is the way to go. It makes a massive difference. Actually I used a blender to start off with & then bought a shaker & I far prefer the shakes from the shaker rather then a blender. Hope this helps. Chin up & go for it, the first few days are the hardest but you'll fly it after that. Good luck :)


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Do you like mint choc flavour? If so make up a mint tea and make your shake with choc lipotrim as usual adding the tea instead of plain water. Add teaspoon of coffee to your vanilla shake.... and also you can use your vanilla shake as coffee & tea "milk" remember though you can only do this once maybe twice (depending on how quickly you drink tea/coffee) as the shakes much be consumed within 15 mins.... look on page 2 of this forum (100%) and you will find recipes.... BUT be careful of adding other ingredients... as they may knock you out of ketosis. Also remember they are NOT endorsed by Lipotrim.... but once in a while for variation is ok. The shakes and coffee and tea are all fine though hun as we are allowed them plus mint tea in any case.... :D Hope that helps Lou xx


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I just started today and had the chocolate drink found it really difficult to drink and was gagging at every mouthful, any tips on making them taste nicer? i didn't have a blender so just had to mix it with a fork would a blender make it better? i was expecting them to be bad but nowhere near that.

Hi Armagh,

My advice to you is to try to concentrate on the fact that this is a weight loss programme and not a diet. The shakes and everything else associated with Lipotrim TFR are not meant to taste nice they are more designed to be like medicine that keeps you healthy whilst your body (does what nature designed it to do and) uses your fat for fuel.

It is actually amazing how it works and is the fastest way you can safely lose weight.
If you try to find ways to make the shakes taste like food then you're not in the right place mentally yet.

Think of it as I won't be eating any food, but in a while I'll be back able to eat all those things I seem to have missed out on, but as my slimmer self. They'll still be there, but you'll be better equipt mentally to deal with the temptations of eating more than you need/should of the things that cause weight gain, and we all know what they are.

I hope you don't take what I've said in a
negative way. I just want to offer you my support as I have had from many people on this forum. I've done this twice now and feel I've learnt a lot whilst going through this programme.

You are already a strong person because you've taken the step to go through one of the toughest regimes there is, but please believe me it'll be worth it, even in a few short weeks you'll begin to feel great about yourself.

Remember the few days are the hardest as your body goes into detox mode, but after a few days when you've switched into fat burning mode you'll not feel any hunger pangs (not physical one's anyway) then it'll be just a waiting game, staying focussed and being patient as your body does it's thing as fast as it possibly can, after all it's getting NO food is it?

Best wishes


You CAN!! do it.


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hi i just started today but really enjoyed the strawberry chocolate and the chicken soup. thought it was going to be a lopt worse than it was. i would reccomend you to get a shaker makes everything alot easier to stomach.

i hope your finding it easier :)