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Just started

Hiya, i have just started doing the diet today, i have quite a fair bit to loose, and i hope i manage it on this diet.
I didn't get off at a good start by missing breakfast everything is such a rush in the morning, i am going to have to make time to eat it.

Lunch i had egg and bacon, which felt so naughty to have lol! but as far as i can see i can have it! I also had a cup of coffee with a touch of double cream.

Tea time i am having tuna mayo on baby spinach and cubes of cheese.

I am struggling to get up to the 20 grams today though, but i will have a much better look at some 20 carb menus and follow a few of them.

Hope your all well. x
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Hiya & thanks very much Laura :). It has been funny shopping for doing a low carb diet, cause i am that used to looking at calories Lol!.
I will make sure i put some veggies in with my tea, i do like veg, so thats great, i noticed the veg i like, Parsnips and Mushrooms are not as low in carb as the likes of broccoli and cauliflower (which i also like, and will be adding).

I have a question (i have been reading from this site about the diet ) about veg that is higher carbs than the ones mentioned in the site, can you still have them? of you have carbs to spare?.
Hi Elaine, welcome love.

The short answer is yes, providing you keep within the 20 carbs a day love.

Having said that, (get used to seeing me say this) Keep it clean and green, lot's of green leafy veggies. LOL

Hiya Jim, thanks very much.
I will be sure to make sure i up the veg on it, i do think i will miss tatties though lol and pasta, but i do enjoy veg so it shouldn't bother me to much. It is amazing how many carbs i would eat on a daily basis (i actually lost count it was that bad :eek: ) so i should see a good change i think with cutting it down quite a bit.

I just want to also say! well done with your weight loss Jim! its so lovely to see the before and after pictures!. How long did it take you to loose the weight Jim? (if you don't mind me asking)



Call me Linzi...
Hi Elaine & welcome!

Atkins is fab.. you just need to be prepared! Once your thru the first week its a walk in the park really!

If you look up Jim in the dictionary, green leafy veg will be written there! Very important as they'll help keep you regular too!

Good luck... we've got similar amounts of weight to lose so it'll be a good journey for us both. xx
Welcome! This is a great diet and living plan, and you will love it. No more hunger. The small (and you will soon realise how small they are) sacrifices we make by giving up starches and sugar are made up for at least tenfold by the new and wonderful foods we can eat, and indeed must eat, for health as well as to lose weight.

Good luck and enjoy every yummy mouthful!
I lost the majority of the weight in the first couple of years on Atkins Elaine, started back in 2002, I have been on maintenance for about 4 years now.
Thanks very much everyone :) i will go and search for that to thanks.
i have been snacking on baby spinach leaves lol!
Well done maintaining your weight for 4 years Jim!

Thanks again, i will go and read up on the forum, i have been looking at the menus to which are great helps.

Hope your all well xx
Welcome and good luck Elaine! I'm sure you'll enjoy eating the Atkins way - it's been a real eye-opener for me that's for sure!

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