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  1. MizCrafty

    MizCrafty Member

    After trying various diets, and gaining it all back PLUS (!), I've now started the 5:2 Fast Diet, using the book by Michael Mosley. Today is my #4 Fast Day (500 calories). After being on the diet for a week and a half, I've lost 5.6 lbs and am happy as a clam! The Fast Days are not nearly so difficult as I expected, and I've found that I'm just generally less hungry on non-Fast Days, for some odd reason.
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  3. ktcymru

    ktcymru Full Member

    Hi Mizcrafty!

    I'm exactly the same as you! Load off even more on! But.... 2014 is the year :)
    I'm doing one off one on or 4:3/3:4 if you like, after my dad told me about reading an article in the times about it.
    Just finished my 3rd fast day & so far so good, not hungry at all & writing down everything consumed on non-fast days too. Like you I've found I'm not as hungry anyway which is odd as I thought it would be tough to start with.

    Fab that you've lost a good few lbs so soon, Monday is my weigh day so fingers crossed :)

    Good luck & fingers crossed this time we've got the right way forward!!
  4. MizCrafty

    MizCrafty Member

    Thanks for the encouragement. I admire you for doing the 4:3/3:4 route. I don't think I could do that --- at least for very long. I had my 5th Fast Day yesterday and am now 8lbs less than when I started. This past week I think I lost 2.4 lbs but I really need to get a grip on cutting back on non-Fast Days. This week I definitely over-indulged. My husband has a sweet-tooth and really loves for us to have desserts and rich snacks. I blame it on him <grin>, but seriously I know that it's down to me to just say No!
  5. ktcymru

    ktcymru Full Member

    Well done on the 8lb that's fab :)
    My other half loves his chocolate & rubbish too but never seems to gain weight! Grrr!
    Will power is sooo tough though.
    Every other day suits me right now but I might have to relax it eventually.

    Keep going :)
  6. keleta79

    keleta79 Full Member

    hey Mizcrafty

    how you getting on?

    im now on my 11th fast today, and im finding I can hold off eating till tea time now, which I never thought I was able to do!!

    hope its still going ok for you!
  7. pixie-gem

    pixie-gem Gold Member

    Wow impressive loss, well done! You must feel fab :D x
  8. keleta79

    keleta79 Full Member

    Hey. How ya doing?

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