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Just started

Hi everyone

I started Lipotrim last Monday and had lost 6 pounds by the friday, I am due my next weigh in tomorrow so I am hoping for good things.

I have been reading all your posts and they are so helpful. Its so nice to see everyone rally together to help someone who feels they are going to cheat or just to encourage each other.

I have used all your ideas for beating the boredom and I have to say peppermint tea and sparkling water have been my lifesavers!

Well done to everyone doing this diet, its def not easy!

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Well done on your loss so far hun, very good 1st weigh in!! my second weigh in is today.

you have a really good attitude i'm sure you'll succeed easily!



Here we go again!
Hi and welcome Julie. Congrats on your first weigh in , that's a really good result. Stay strong and keep going cos you're doing really good. Good luck with weigh in number 2, I'm sure you'll do brilliantly.
Thanks, I feel ok on this diet actually, not struggling half as much as i thought I would (and I'm at home all day on study leave from work!) Its odd I'm actually looking forward to getting weighed and that has never happend before!

Love this forum though, its really supportive to read.



Positivity is the key
Hi Julie, welcome and congratulations on your first weigh in. I know what you mean about looking forward to the weigh ins, I feel the same, perhaps its knowing once you don't cheat you can only but lose, whereas on other diets you could overeat, or eat too much of the wrong type of food so easily. Best of luck for your weigh in tomorrow.
Just been to my weigh in and lost another 4 lbs, which makes 10 in 11 days - not too bad. I think maybe I should be drinking more water, so thats what I am going to do this week.

I got a couple of "flapjacks" too and just tried one - hmm they aren't going down too well, which I suppose is the whole point!

Anyways onward and upwards (well inwards I hope!) and roll on the next weigh in! My jeans were falling down today, which I was very happy about, and my Mum is going to treat me to a new pair tomorrow! (How bad is that, she is so happy for me she is buying me a new pair of jeans - I'm 27 and a married women!) Oh well it all helps with the motivation.

Hope everyone else is doing ok too.

Julie xx :wow:
Hi there scotsmist

thanks for the welcome, its so nice to be chatting to people on here.

How are you finding it? i am in a really positive frame of mind about it all and can't wait to see results. Can't believe I have only just discovered this!

Julie x


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Jules
I am actually finding it incredibly easy; considering how strict it is.
I didnt think I would manage it, but I tried it last year and lasted two days! My frame of mind was definately not right because I couldnt even stomach the shakes back then.
This time round, I am buzzing. Dont get me wrong, I have had about 2 or 3 nights where I have struggled like mad, but never cheated.
I have to prepared and cook food for my husband who is mediterranean and loves that type of food, as do I! So, that is hard, but it is getting easier.
I read on here once that food would still be around in a few months time! And that is what I tell myself. Plus, my jeans are not tight, and I am starting to get into my summer clothes, which I couldnt even do last year.
Yes, admittedly it is a strict diet, but remaining positive is certainly one help. Plus, what other diet will see results like this! Just reading how much people have lost is an absolute inspiration. I KNOW I CAN DO IT...first time I have felt this in my entire life and I am 43!!
Just realise that you will have bad days, but just keep yourself busy and occupied; the craving will pass and become a little less each time.
How are you finding it?
I am finding it ok to be honest, i think I read enough about it before hand to prepare me. I think as long as you come into knowing exactly what it entails you will be better prepared. Whenever I feel like cheating I just think it will be worth it. Also I tell myself its just my brain telling me i want the food, and I won't die without it! I cook for my husband too and to be honest that has really helped me. It has helped me "cope" around food. He is really supportive too and that def helps. We got married in Feb and didn't have time to org a reception so we are having a big reception in sept and then going on honeymoon so I really want to have my wedding dress taken in and hopefully wear some nice summer clothes on our cruise. i am also a bridesmaid in Aug and have to wear Orange! I figure its better to be thinner to wear Orange!

This website really helps me keep on track and I am so glad it exists.

Julie xx


Here we go again!
Good for you Julie, sounds as though you really have got your head round this. I did the same as you and really prepared before starting LT.

You will look amazing for your wedding reception and cruise, just stick to this 100% and it works wonders.

Lucky you for having to wear orange, not. Not a colour I would pick but good luck with that. Hope you have a lovely day.


Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Julie
yes it is best to be prepared and know what you are getting into. I am certainly coming to grips with food and the actual hold it had on me. Which is good I suppose!
How are you able to show your weight, etc...every time I try it, it doesnt show.
Been on again and trying to download an Avatar, but all my pics are too big..grrrr
Have a good weekend - weather is fab!
I am having friends over for a BBQ - that will be different...although they know I am not eating.
You have a lot of little mini goals coming up which is great! Look forward to hearing all about the cruise, as it is something I long to do (when thin) ;-)
Keep posting :)
I just wrote a really long reply and then it said I wasn't logged in! glad you found how to do it, I have the same problem with the photos.

I will def keep you updated and let you know about the cruise. Can't wait although 29 sept seems so far away!

Julie x

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