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Just thinking.....

Its really quiet on here today. Am also really quiet at work today and keep signing in hoping to see that there is some chat going on, but nothing today...

Yesterday was me back on the shakes after the weekend, went very well. I had been a bitty scared that I would find it impossible to get back into it (I know its still early days) but am feeling fine, just looking forward to being back in ketosis and burning all my unwanted fat!

Anyone about?
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Hey:) Yeah I log on a lot, but not too many new threads! I have found when i have cheated its not been too bad getting back in to Ketosis. Guess were just lucky :)
I think am finding it ok this time because this last month has went really well. Its teh first time ever I felt right into it and finally stopped seeing the diet as a quick fix or a week to get a quick start, I finally started looking at it as a more long term diet that would get me to goal. I knew the whole time I was eating at the weekend that I woudl not beat myself up for cheating so long as I got stright back onto it come mon and told myself if I didnt then that WAS cheating!

Do you mind if I ask what your goal weight is? I see the BMI is 21.3, whats that in stones and lbs? The last time I was slim and size 12 was when i was 16, I was 11st 5lbs I think it was, I'm aiming for that again. My ticker take me to 12st but will change it when am getting close!

Do have a holiday or anythin to motivate you? Am getting married in May in cyprus, I've never ever worn a bikini either and I would love to get one or a dozen for this year!!! I can see me now, a bikini for morning, noon and night!!


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S: 12st10lb C: 12st2lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 25.8 Loss: 0st8lb(4.49%)
Hey, My goal weight is 10 stone, which is BMI 21 ish. May stop before then if i feel comfortable. But thought i would aim for something i have not been since i was 16! So same as you again:) My reason is also my wedding... which i havent booked yet cos i wanted to lose the weight first!! Going to book it in the next few months, but wish i was getting married in summer too :)

I do want to go on hol in the summer though! Would love to wear a bikini!!!!

Bet you cant wait for your wedding, and to lose all your weight for it:) You can wear a bikini morning, noon and night, but it might look strange you walking down the asle in one :p
Yeah I dare it would look rather strange huh! LOL!

Oh wow, another wedding! You should book it and continue to lose your weight! I had mine booked about 1.5 years ago and really thought I could lose the buldge but healthy eating, but that Monday never came for me! The weekends were my down fall and I knew that lipo worked as I tried it last year but just couldna stick to it ! The finally 26th Dec 07 I went to bed feeling sick as a dog and wowed then I would b heading to the chemist the next day to start, best move I've made in a long time! For the first time since I was 16 I can see the light at the end if the tunnel so to speak - whats that I see? Oh its me in a bikini!!

Back to weddings! I hated going looking for dresses at my heaviest as I was so embarrased and all the shops hear buy them in, in small sizes as apparantly they look better! Handy for bigger woman huh! I knew the style I wanted and found it but it was a size 12, I got it on but obviously it was no wear near to fastening but I could still tell I was in love it! I ordered and asked them to order a smaller size but they would not and measured me the size I was! I soooooooooo can not wait to go back and try it on and for it to be too big! Oh the look on my face - I'll have to tell my sis to have her camera at teh ready!
Sorry am rabbiting on now!


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S: 12st10lb C: 12st2lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 25.8 Loss: 0st8lb(4.49%)
lol! Thats great :) I havent dared go in to a dress shop. I knew that i would probably cry if i did! Am thinking about going to try some dresses on, but i think i will wait maybe a month more!! If they are size smaller, i dont want that to set off the water works when i cant fit in to a 16 or something!!

All my brides maids to be are little sticks so i need to be around their size (or dress them in orange meriunges!!) Might do that anyway :p he he

I do want to book it, but am in the process of buying and selling home, so when thats over and done wiith me and my fiance can go chose some where. I have a date in mind of next spring/early summer. Will deff do it then:) Just hope i dont lose the weight then put it back on again! (no i wont!!)

Whens your next dress fitting? How much was your dress if you dont mind me asking? And are shops that specialise in wedding dresses expensive?
Ha like the orange merange idea!!

I started off by looking in magazines and on line then I found a ronald joyce design I fell for, I went into the shop (the only stockist in Aberdeen) and it was £995, they were really snobby and I felt horrible as I couldna even try it on I just had to hold it up next to me, but I loved it to death and I thought that was the one for me, until..... My sis (my bridesmaid) and me went a run out the road to another wedding shop about 40 miles out of town, the service was amazing and it was there my sis found her dress - hers is a dessy design Bridesmaid Dresses and Formal Gowns: The Dessy Group and cost me £160 (before alterations and she wants sparkles on it as well, so we'll have all that done) as we were driving away I was flicking through one of the brochures we were given and my breath was taken away and I forgot all about the dress back in the snobby shop as I set my eyes on a dress in the book! The the following week went back up the road to see the dress that was in the brochure! I went back once more to look at both dresses just to make sure but decided on the 2nd dress! Its just stunning. That was £900 so £95 difference.

Dresses range from a couple of hundred to thousands. I set a budget of £1,000 and I would say that was prob about teh average that I paid. Its all depends on what you want. Mine is quite slim fitting and quite light (we're fetting married in Cyprus) Elysium Hotel Cyprus - 5 Star luxury Hotel Resort I knew the style I wanted right from the start so I just need to work on the figure now!

Early spring will come round so fast, its only 16 weeks til I get married and I am sure it'll whizz by! YOU WILL NOT PUT ON any weight you lose you hear me!!


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S: 12st10lb C: 12st2lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 25.8 Loss: 0st8lb(4.49%)
Oh thats good, i was hoping that i could get a decent dress for around £1000:)

You must be so excited:)

Your right, i will not put the weight back on! :)
hey girls - so many weddings, a great incentive to stick with the LT. I am sure you will look great. Haqve you seen the pics of wedding dresses on the Clothes for motivation thread? - gorgeous

I just thought I would butt in to your Wedding conversation-hope you don't mind?!?

I too am getting married :D The big day is on 28th June and I am so excited.

I am having my dress made by an amazing designer and I just can't wait to wear it!

I tried on a sample version of the dress just before Christmas and loved it then. I went back on Saturday to try it on again now that I have lost 18 lb in my first 3 weeks on Lipotrim and I loved it even more! The difference was amazing. I want to lose about 3 stone in total so the designer isnt going to start making it until nearer the time. She has my 7 bridesmaids dresses to make which will keep her busy in the mean time!

Everyone is doing so well on this and having a wedding to look forward to makes it even more worthwhile.



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I wish I had known about LT for my wedding.....its a great motivation to get into the dress.....loved my wedding but still hate the photos
Course we dont mind more brides to be joining in! I love talking weddings!! It was great for me to hear that with 18lbs off you felt the difference already. I know myself with having lost 24.5lbs so far that I can feel a difference in my normal clothes but I seem to have built up a wee silly phopia that maybe, just maybe they dress wont feel any different! I know, of course deep down that is not possible, but I'll feel better once I try mine on for real! I cant wait to see how it really feels as the sample one didnt fasten and was simply being held together with elastic at the time of trying it on! All going to plan it should arrive in the store end feb/begin march time and am aiming for at least another stone off by then!! Canna wait!

The 28th June will soon be here and we'll be gliding down those isles like princesses! Are you all set with other details for your big day?


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S: 12st10lb C: 12st2lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 25.8 Loss: 0st8lb(4.49%)
Aww thats great guys :) You have inspired me to start planning my wedding:) Pineapple, that dress will be falling off you when you go to try it on! But i know what you mean, its one of them nightmares that we probably will all continue to have when we have lost the weight... i can imagine it now, waking up in a sweat cos i dreamt that i was fat again and hadnt lost any weight!!

I have booked me and my bridesmaids in to a wedding dress shop in March:) Cant wait.. and its something that i used to dread:)

Good luck with all the wedding plans:)
Go Lizzyb! Thats fab! I'll be looking forward to hearing all yuor wedding plans come together, once you get settled with hosue move etc. You'll really enjoy trying on all those dresses come march when yuor even skinnier, unlike me who hated the experience! Just hope mine is too big, och am being daft, it will wont it! ooh how exciting!

Do you know what style you would like? Married at home or abroad?


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S: 12st10lb C: 12st2lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 25.8 Loss: 0st8lb(4.49%)
LOL am laughing as your right into it now! Wow, they are all beautiful and very fairy tale like. I bet your wedding is truly magical.

We had originally booked a big fancy hotel here in Aberdeen, had booked photographer and started making plans but it just wasnt feeling right and you know the same old chesnut - you have to invite such and such and such and such!! I was like ARGH - after all we are paying for the lot oursels and thought why the hell should I invite people I dont like!!!! Then I said one day out of the blue to Alan - god I wish we had just went away instead.... he admitted thats what he would have preferred to do all along, so we started trowling the internet, not knowing even where we wanted to go, finally comign across the Elysium in Paphos and it was def love at first site! planning since then has been magical. So deffo go with your gut feelings when you start.


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S: 12st10lb C: 12st2lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 25.8 Loss: 0st8lb(4.49%)
I do want a big wedding... wish i didnt have to invite as many people as i have to invite, but it'll be ok:) Especially if i am slim, will want everyone to see me :)

Did you get your money back on the hotel you booked? How did everyone take it when you said you were getting married abroad?
We had paid £500 deposit for the hotel and after a lot of fighting and me writing to the manager about the service we had received etc he agreed we'd get the money back when the date sold again, which it did so we got it back - but think it was back with a grudge! We lost the deposit on photographer tho!

Most people were really happy about us going abroad, there are the odd few that prob had a moan and groan under their breath but to be honest most of them are ones I didna want there anyway! There are a few members of my family whom cant afford it and I would have loved them to be there but at the end of the day you cant please everyone and I thought so long as Alan and I were happy then thats all that matters! We have 47 guests coming over with us and so over the moon with that. I did think going abroad would be cheaper as well, but where I have chose etc isna! There are many hotels that do package weddings but am not into anything like that and still wanted it very elegant (did you look at the website I sent? Elysium Hotel Cyprus - 5 Star luxury Hotel Resort ) I've even found a piper in Cyprus - I have kept that a secret from everyone except my bridal party as want it to be nice surprise, I dare say no one will expect that!

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