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Just want to say...............

thank you to all of you over the past few weeks.

I got weighed before and lost a further 5lbs, but I have not stopped being sick all day. Just had that feeling that I needed something in my stomach. Ended up having a piece of toast which made me feel 100% better. Cant bare to drink another shake at the moment. :jelous:

I love this programme loads but dont feel like I can carry on at the min with the way Im feeling. So I dont put all the weight back on Im switching over to weight watchers (no carbs inc tho) for a few weeks. Then who knows I may be back.

Im sure you see all sorts of people come and go, but having the support of this website has given me the strength to carry on...............even tho I feel dog rough :cry:

i just hope the girls and boys in the ww group are as nice as you lot!!!

Thanks for getting me through the past 14 days your all stars xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Awww honey that was a lovely post! Poor you babe with your dodgy tum:(. You are right to stop though if you feel its best for you, im eating lots of WW food now and they are fab! Good luck hun and keep us posted yeah? Hope you feel better soon...the WW lot cant be as good as us so stick around:D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Hi lottie,

Really don't know if I could possibly do this diet if I were feeling sick on it and I think you are right to try WW it is an excellent choice.

Their is a lovely bunch of people in the WW forum and they are all full of encouragement, good support and advice.

I hope you will be feeling better soon.:hug99:

You are always welcome back here.

It is a woman's prerogative to change her mind at any time:)

Love Mini xxx
I have nothing but praise for the LT!!!!! Cant believe how well I have coped even doin 2 weeks. And until today I havnt had one problem on it AT ALL!! But got into work and just started coming over all faint and sickly. Drank my shake but then brought it straight back up.

Not sure if there is something goin round but my body is just telling me to stop and eat.

I have done WW in the past and now I have got rid of 12lbs on LT I dont mind so much if I have smaller losses.

I will however definatly consider this programme in the future and defo recommend it to people who want to loose weight.

But biggest thanks goes to you amazing people, you are so dedicated and determined. You really are a true inspiration to me :)


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hey lottie you poor thing... I hope the tum sorts itself out sooner rather than later. Best of luck with WW and dont forget us :( xxx


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Aww Lottie im a bloody emotional person as it is lol!!! Youre right hun a you now have a head start on WW, you will do great hun! I might still have to mither you on my 80s outfit though xxxx
Hope you feel better soon Lottie. Best of luck with WW - I am sure you will do great! JUlia x
AWwwww your all so sweet!!! Im feeling tons better now :)

I had my first meal before grilled chicken (on the george) with MUSHROOM stirfry (no sauce) such a plain meal that even 3 weeks ago I would have turned my nose up at. But it was sooo tasty.

Sorry to all those who are not eating but I just wanted to point out the fact that once you come off it your tastebuds really do change. Almost as good as losing the weight itself :)

Oh and tracey anytime babe just let me know if ya need me. hahhaha I still havnt been in the WW forum yet (only to introduce myself) am farrrrr to addicted to you guys xxxxxxxx


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Lol glad to hear it hun xxx


Back again - hey ho!
lol, bless ya Lottie. Such a shame you are leaving the programme, but I know exactly how you feel. I've not been totally right since saturday, but I was only sick that day, and now I'm just left feeling a little bit like you've got a hangover tummy. Its not nice, but I'm keeping going, hoping to ride it out. I nearly gave in to a piece of toast too!!!
Best of luck with weight watchers Lottie, keep up the good work :)
Toni xxx

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