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I am luuuurving the choccie tetras, ooooo they are so nice and thick and yummy. Also loving the mix a mousse, have tried fruits of the forest,yum!! then strawberry wonderful! and have just made vanilla with mixed spice so going to try that later, honestly they are just soooo yummy taste just like angel delight, and the consitency is not too bad either so they are a deffo winner with me,lol.

Love Busy XX
Yay. Glad you like them. It's nice when you find something that you love isnt it!!

I love making jelly with the mix a mousse too - great pudding for when i've had my soup!!

Am going aaway tomorrow with hubby and was just deciding what to take with me as regards my CD packs. My mum couldnt believe there was so much choice!!

Now should i take - soups? Chocolate to make hot chocolate? Tetras? Bars? Crisps? Decisions decisions!!!!!
Hope you have a lovely time, have to say i think that i would take tetras and bars with me for convinience and because they are sooo yummy!!!!!
I took tetras and bars, love the choc tetras, want to try a warm one, off to cdc tonight for a refull!!