just wondering abou side affects ?

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    I am a litle worried because i was reading some reviews on his diet and found alot of people suffering with palpitations etc.. ? i can handle the headaches...

    but not palpitations or dizyness that will just put me off a nd i wont stick to it cus it will frighten me.. can sopmeone explain to me please.. i am 5 foot 7 and am 15.5 i want to get to 10 stone on this diet so i will alow myself to gain half a stone or so when i start eating normally again...

    just worried about side affects..

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    Hi there

    Can't really help much as I haven't experienced either or indeed any side effects at all. I think we are all different so it is probably a case of giving it a whirl and seeing how you go.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.

  4. SoonToBeGorgeous

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    Have had the dizziness and still do get dizzy spells and I am nearly to Day 100!!

    My blood pressure is perfect, as are my blood tests.

    It is just one of those things.

    Never heard of anyone having palpitations on CD, though.

    Surely a little dizziness, manky mouth and death breath is worth it to lose weight?
    Cambridge is so worth the effort.

    No pain, no gain and all that!

    Believe me, Cambridge is painless for the most part!

    There is no need to go down half a stone to allow for gain when restarting food, either. The Cambridge Steps will ensure that you don't gain at all, provided you follow the book and the guidance given.

    Cambridge is a piece of cake!!

    Do try it!
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    I'm approaching the end of day 5 and although i've been told be everyone that the first few days are the worst i've only experienced a few minor headaches that went fairly quickly once i'd had a tablet and a truck load of water. My breath has started to get a bit questionable but then thats a sign that you're going into fat burning mode, so i can live with that.
    Other than that i've been fine, i think it depends on the person to be honest.
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