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Just wondering if there are any Canadians

Don't think so but Jolinaar is in the US :)
What part of Canada are you in? I love Canada so I'm jealous lol! :)
Aww, that's great you're staying with us, we don't mind if you're the only Canadian :D Ontario cool, never been over that far, just BC and Alberta (Oh and I loved it), my mum has though as her partner's sister lives in Ontario, not far from Toronto (I think!! Don't quote me there lol!).


Xmas goal, here I come!
Hi stirky7 I see you've lost more weight. You certainly are an inspiration to us all. Can you tell me what a typical down day would be for you re: food or drinks? I am starting tomorrow and it is a DD for me, am a little nervous. Can you tell me in most people's first weeks do they tend to lose the most amount of weight and then it slows down after that? Do you find you have weeks where you really stick to it but lose little or no weight? How have things been for you lately. I am having a family reunion on Dec 26th and 27th and I desperately want to lose 20 or even more pds by then. I am sure you have heard the story of the person who is always the "fat" one in the family? That would be me. Some of these people I haven't seen in a few years and some just for maybe a year and I really, really want to be down by 25 pds by then, I don't want to be the fat one at the gathering anymore. :( Please advise, thanks.
Hi Soozsb,

I find the dd's a lot easier than the up days. I think it's because you feel so in control on dds and know you only have to stick with it for a day, then tomorrow you can eat. Up days are a bit harder as it's easy to go overboard, I really had to keep track of mine, but must say they are getting a lot easier now and have leveled out lol.

I have a diary in the diary section http://www.minimins.com/juddd-diaries/114077-stirkys-juddd-journey.html so you can see what I eat on both dds and uds. On dds I leave it as long as possible to eat. Tends to be around 2pm, maybe later. I like to have low cal soups, salad with ham/chicken/turkey slices, crackers with exrta low cheese spread and usually some cucumber, and low cal snacks/popcorn etc. There is loads you can eat for 500 cals if you look around. I like to break mine into 5 x 100cals that always works well for me, most of my stuff is under 100cals anyway so save on cals there.

I think we all do get those weeks where we stick to it and lose nothing, it can be annoying but we just have to keep plodding on. I'm sure you can lose a good bit of weight if you stick to the plan and remember to drink plenty of water, it really does help esp on dds.

Good luck hun and keep us posted!!

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