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just wondering ?


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:rolleyes::rolleyes: Hi every1, i'm just wondering if its possible to hav 2 reg shakes a day and 1 meal, say chicken or tuna salad or stir fry and no carbs ?
i ask this because i love the restriction of lt, because if i on ww or healthy eating i tend to break it and say i'll start tommo!
as u can c from my stats i've lost 24lb in 4 weeks but am gettin so much stick of my friends and family now as they keep saying "cant be healthy" but i kno if i was eating once aday they would be happy

so do u think this is possible, that i would still lose weight even if it was slower?:(

cant wait for your comments and advice

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I will be skinny again!!!
Hiya yeah you can do this Chick!

Thats basically the maintenance programme!! xxxx


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Yes - my friend is doing it this way. Although the losses are slower.

But do you really want to give it up just because of some criticism? If you are happy on LT that is all that matters :) It is safe for you and when they next criticise tell them that it actually started as a programme available from doctors. Tell them to shove it! :) x


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thanks summergirl, ya i kno u right i suppose subconsiously i'm convinceing myself that i can do it this way, when u say slower what sort of weight is your friend losing? and how long is she doing it this way?


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She has been only been doing it this way for about 2 weeks but she doesnt have much control or willpower. She has managed to lose just under 4st but that has taken her since before xmas as she has been on and off LT.


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i would say when my mind is made up my will power is good enough so dunno will think about it over weekend read a few threads and c :) thanks for everything ;)


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No problem honey - just do whatever is best for yourself :) xx


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oops dont know what happened there. I know someone who lost a stone and half in four months doing it this way, dont know how strict they were though,


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wow 4 months seems so long for what i've lost that in under 4 weeks :( but think i'd be happy enought to lose betwn 2 and 3 lb a week ? wounder could i?


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I doubt it honey as the average for women on TFR is around a stone a month (roughly 3.5lbs a week) and this is with no food etc.
Hi Nicolas,

The answer is yes, you can do it that way by having 2 shakes and one meal, well that is what I am doing Mon - Fri i.e. a shake for brekkie & lunch and then an evening meal. At the weekends I ease up on it & have normal breakfast, maybe a fruit snack during the day & then an evening meal - thus, I don't do the shakes at weekends (at the minute now - but I do need to knuckle down). To be honest, I had a few bits & pieces on recently socially which threw alcohol and some desserts into the equation, so really I haven't been as good as I should have been and thus, I have really only maintained my weight loss. Also work has been just mad over the last few weeks, which doesn't help at times. (Thus need to get my ass in gear big time!)

I loved the restriction of TFR as I knew I wouldn't take alcohol, I wouldn't take the dessert if it was going ..... but when you are back eating food, its that bit harder to resist. Sorry Nicholas .... just letting you know my own experience. But at the end of the day it is totally a personal choice & is all about willpower. Some people are great, have the willpower, stick to a healthy diet & never look back .... and yes, I hope & intend to be one of them!!!!

So really to sum up, yes you can do it that way, but be warned that its easier to cheat at times and the weight loss will slow down big time. But if you feel you have the willpower, go girl!! At the end of the day its a personal choice, but I certainly wouldn't let the begrudgers (sorry can't spell!) and others who say 'it can't be healthy' be the ones putting you off. We have all had people trying to put us off course - I even had people whom I didn't consider friends giving me clippings from papers advising against the diet .... all off a sudden they are concerned about me & my health???!!! :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:

You have done excellent so far ....Well Done ... I hope the above is off help.
Hi Nicholas, all I can say is that I ignored all the critisism and worried signals from friends an family as I felt GREAT doing the TFR and I was SO glad I kept it up until I reached my goal. It definately has been the quickest, safest weight loss programme I have ever done in my 54 years and for the first time ever, I'm keeping it off!!! So don't let anyone pursuade you to break it unless you are totally sure you want to. Good luck.

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