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Just wondering


Making it all add up
How everyone is getting on in maintenance?

I thought it was about time I finally released the comfort blanket of the RTM forum (and my RTM thread) and finally came to join the 'grown ups' in maintenance!

So an update on me, me, me :)

I finished week 11 RTM in early June at 11st 13lb, which I knew was lighter than was really suited to me. However I maintained that weight for 5 weeks to the end of July when I went on holiday to France for 3 weeks - and I was very happy with (a little leeway for a holiday is always a good thing). Ate (and drank) anything & everything I wanted on holiday and put on 15lb returning at 13st 1lb. So first week back settled into a routine and lost 5lb getting me comfortably back under 13st.

The next 4-5 weeks were interesting! I'd have 4 days where food intake was good & no booze then Friday - Sunday I'd just completely flip and calories spiked at 3,000+ (4,500 on one day) for a number of days before settling down again.

I don't know why I did this, but I did - I know wine is a weakness and when I'm especially tired (or at least I'm slowly learning these triggers). Needless to say I STS or actually put back 2lb over these weeks. Still under 13st (just) I was unhappy that I'd lost the control of LL and RTM so a couple of weeks ago decided to do something about it.

I've been 'low carb' (except breakfast) for a few weeks now and re-logging food & drink as I did on RTM. I'm not unhappy I'm doing this as I guess it will be many months/years before I can genuinely claim to have reprogrammed my subconscious around food.

This had made me feel much better about myself and my weight again, and allowed a little more control back. As of last night I'm back down to 12st 7lb which is 'perfect' buta as I'm away again for 4 days at the end of the month I think I'd like to lose another 2-3lb to be safe.

Long story short I'm slowly coming top terms with life post LL/RTM but recognise I'll need to be careful for a long long time if I'm not simply to slip back into former habits.

Does this sound familiar for others on here? What strategies do you use?

Of yes, one final question - for breakfast what do you have? I'm hooked on muesli (used to HATE the stuff) and skimmed milk, but would like a lower Carb alternative (and low fat/calorie) if there's anything out there you can recommend?

Thanks for reading :)
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Is back in the saddle!
Fab post as usual Sean.

I'm back into Maintenance from this week pre hols in three weeks. I didn't do great over the past 4 weeks LLL but then, to be honest, my heart wasn't totally in it especially with the lump scare.

I'm happy I should be able to sts whilst maintaining, I just hanker after 'good' foods all the time, it's the 'I've been good this week' rewards I have to watch.

I'm happy in my own skin at the moment. I have 12's and 14's in my wardrobe. I can runish after the dogs (sort of sideways with my knee really) but I could hardly walk with them in January. I'm looking forward to the flight to Australia and I am taking my bikini again. Perhaps I'll drop the last bit when I get back but I like the idea that I'm doing this in stages and stabilising at each stage. There's no rush now.

Like you I tend to avoid carbs, esp bread and potatoes, as much as possible but I do have porridge still every morning. If I don't, I feel famished by 10 and that is dangerous!

Over all I'm happy with the whole thing and certainly more so than 2007!!!! I know what I'm doing, what I want and I certainly don't get hung up about it!
Welcome to the grown ups Sean

It shows you are a grown up now because you havetaken yourself to task andsorted out the few pounds you had re-gained. Well done.
It just shows us that we can't stop being vigilant.It is so easy to slip back into old habits isn't it?
When you think of how many years we had those bad habits I suppose it's not surprising.
Manyof us, me included have porridge every morning for breakfast.
Mine is a delicious feast that keeps me feeling full until lunch time.
I have a regular Oats so simple( so I know my portion size is controlled because that's a danger point for me - upward slippage of portion sizes!
I make the porridge with skimmed milk, usually frozen summer berries or blueberries, a good sprinkle of cinnamon.
I zap it in the micro for about 3min 30 if the fruit is frozen, then I add a good dollop of Yeo Valley fat free natural yogurt and a spoonful of honey.
It's substantial and delicious and I can resist anything all morning, even chocolate biscuits in work meetings!
I think some carbs at breakfast is good to fill you up.
Let us know what you decide on.
Hi sean
i'm a few weeks into maintenance and its really up and down for me. the first few weeks sound a bit like yours did.

i gained a couple of pounds over a couple of weeks, then lost 4 in one week - but i then put on 1 last week and although i'm not getting weighed tomorrow i know if i were, i have put on 2 or 3

i'm trying to stay under 9 stone ( was 8.12 last week) so prob am just over now.

i have eaten badly this week - lost all interest in cooking.
my excercising is causing a problem eating wise, i can't seem to get it right when to eat.

i do fine breakfast porridge or eggs, fruit mid morning and mid afternoon, bar type thing at lunch. at about 4.30 oatcakes and peanut butter then excercise usually between 6 and 9pm at some point for about an hour.
i don't want to eat my tea before i excercise - and afterwards its too late or i just don't fancy cooking or eating a meal - then i start picking at stuff and end up eating way too many calories.

i guess i will get it sorted eventually, just can't get it right at the moment.

i also seem to go through cycles of craving rubbish and 'needing' to eat constantly and then being very healthy - think its linked to my monthly cycle but haven't worked out yet exactly how - i might start keeping a food log again with the aim of sussing this out.

over all then - its still a learning process for me.
i love being slim, but i def still feel i am fat and just slim temporarily - i must get out of this self sabotage state i keep falling into.

my size 6/8 clothes are getting tighter - i really don't want to start buying 10s.

daisy x


Making it all add up
Weird isn't it! I guess our mental image still isn't 100% adjusted to our actual body shape/size (although at least I no longer get surprised at my own reflection/shadow) however the whole food side of this experience is a strange one and slightly worrying!

Take Friday for example, I'd had muesli for breakfast, fruit lunch and salmon & stir-fry veg for dinner - very healthy and nutritionally balanced, then (simply because it was there) - large portion of white baguette, and 2 twix fingers (why, why , why?). I knew I was doing it but just couldn't stop myself!

OK, not the end of the World but just completely daft!
2 good days
...... then made wrong choices today
have just come back from an aerobics class to try and compensate a bit!
ho hum......tomorrow is another day
daisy x
Started Maintenance this week - finding it a bit of a struggle. I seem to be hungry quite a bit, so having to resist the temptation to nibble..

Need to find a breakfast that suits - high carb breakfasts (even porridge) seem to leave me hungry by 9:30.
protein is def the best for breakfast i find.

if i have porridge i'm hungry in 2 hours but scrambled eggs or omlette and baked beans keeps me going longer
daisy x


Is back in the saddle!
Looking good there Anders!!

Daisy, do you have them on toast or forgo the carbs altogether?
i have them on their own - no toast!
daisy x
yes - i actually like them cold straight out of the can!


Is back in the saddle!
Oh me too, but for breakfast?? I need at least three coffees intravenously before I have anything let alone that for breakfast. ;-)


...we're sinking deeper.
I think an omelette (using 1 egg and about 30ml of skim milk) which comes out to about 90 calories, plus a piece of toast (think Weight Watchers Malt Danish - 50 calories per slice) will fill you up nicely.
The combination of a high protein option with some carbs usually keeps me going for absolutely hours! Especially some Baked Beans and a Ryveta crispbread or some such lovely thing. :)
The best energy/fullness food I've found ... though odd as it may seem - are butter beans. Some butter beans in your omelette in the morning with a slice of bread or a ryveta... or without if you don't want to indulge in 'carbs'.


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