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  1. Laura Croft

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    Totally different question and didn't want to take over your other threads.

    I've just been doing some reading (I know it can be a dangerous thing) on a triathlete website. I came across some info about exercises that swimmers miss out. It listed:

    [FONT=&quot]Hip abduction vs. Hip adduction (these are often neglected)[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Hip internal rotation vs. External rotation (these are very often neglected also)[/FONT]

    What's the difference between the two sets? I know I need to work on my internal hip rotation because my physio told me so.
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  3. Justin

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    Hip Adduction / Abduction is the movment of your hips coming towards or away from the midline of your body respectively.

    Just think of those In and Out leg machines at the gym!

    Internal and External rotation is the movement of your hips turning toward the midline or away from it. You will see this movment by the direction your toes are pointing. If you simply stand up and look down at your toes, they should be facing forward.

    If you internally rotate the hips from a standing position, you will see your toes start pointing toward each other. External rotation makes your toes point away.

    Hope this clarifies it for you.
  4. Laura Croft

    Laura Croft Happily maintaining

    Healthy eating, was CD
    Thank you..

    So what exercises would you recommend for internal/external rotation?
  5. Justin

    Justin Banned

    If your physio has analysed you and prescribed specific exercises for you to do then stick with those.

    If not, an alternative exercise to strengthen your internal rotators would be to take a resistance band around the outside of your ankle, or attatch your foot to a strap in a low-cable pulley at the gym.

    Lift your knee upwards toward your chest, and then turn your lower leg inwards, so the sole of the foot faces toward the opposite leg.
    The key with this exercise is to make sure your hip is moving without your lower back having to round (this is why you cant simply lean over and use your hand to pull your leg toward you).

    A good stretch for the internal rotators is to lie on a swiss ball as if you were going to perform a crunch. Your feet should be planted on the floor just wider than shoulder width. From there, keep your feet where they are but bring your knees in closer together, just narrower than shoulder width. From there roll back and forward gently to feel the stretch.
  6. Laura Croft

    Laura Croft Happily maintaining

    Healthy eating, was CD
    Thanks. Yes physio had suggested exercises but I've forgotten what they are. It's not really a problem now though. :eek:
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