Kamiknix...I'm back on track! 5 and 1/4lbs off


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So pleased with myself for once! :D

I stuck to the plan...pretty much apart from one small blip! After months of not being able to do CD properly after numerous operations I'm finally doing it at sticking to 790 cals.

And this week I've lost 5 1/4lbs!:D

Just had to tell everyone! :D

Kamilla xx


Love xxx
Absolutely fantastic!! This 790 lark isn't half bad is it?? ;)
Well done Kam!!! 5 1/2 lbs. is brill:D

I have started today on step 2 myself of the plan.

Love Mini xxx
well done girl... that is brill!! keep ur head focused and we will get to the finish line... even if it is a bit later than expected :D :D :D


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Thanks for your replies you lot!

I just had to shout it out as its been along time coming! I hoped it would have been more but I am eating not SSing so I'm happy with that.

Debbie...OMG Yes 790 is the bees knees!

Kam xx