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Karenlou's JUDDD diary - back on track

Hi all

This is the end of my first week back on JUDDD and I thought it would help if I started a diary.

DD today and I intended to fast but I had visitors at lunchtime and had to feed them. Didn't feel comfortable not eating and explaining why so had 400 cals worth of sandwiches. Out tonight but I'm driving so will be on the diet coke.

Off to xmas lunch at the group I volunteer with tomorrow so glad it's an up day.
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Well, my diary didn't last long did it?

Well I really am back on track now and I think keeping a diary will help.

First week back on JUDDD proper last week and I lost 4lbs (hooray!). Having a rubbish week so far - all my DDs have turned into UDs and I weigh in on Wednesday!

Yesterday was meant to be a DD; I did really well all day and then DH wanted to go to Wetherspoons for tea. I was going to have the spicy tomato pasta as damage limitation then thought, sod it, I'm going to be over my cals I might as well enjoy myself so ended up eating 1500 cals (grr!). To make matters worse, I got home and checked the cals of the spicy tomato pasta on wetherspoon's website and it's only 475 cals so I could have had it on a DD!

So I'm extra determined to have a really good DD today. I'm going to fast until dinner time and then have either a salad with a little low fat grated cheese or some home made leek and potato soup. With weigh-in on Wedesday morning I'm going to have two DDs in a row this week to make up for my badness earlier in the week but I promise I won't make a habit of it. Love my grub too much to do it too often anyway lol.
So I lost 1lb in my second week which was more than I deserve. Thoroughly enjoyed my up day yesterday; had a delivery of American food from a website I use so was happily munching on sweeties :)

Down day today and I find myself looking forward to it which is good. Tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday I have to eat in the evenings (two dinner parties and a meal out, my life is just a social whirl :D ) so, rather than have three up days in a row, I'm going to do Fast 5 for those three days and then back onto JUDDDD on Monday.

Planned food for today is melon for lunch (50cals) and a large salad with WW cheese for tea (200 cals) which leaves some wiggle room if I need something this evening. I have some popcorn (90 cals) so might have that later while we're watching a DVD.
Okay, ate for England yesterday! I'm going to have a down day tomorrow, even though I have friends over. I'm doing a buffet so going to have various quorn snacks and loads of strawberries so I can nibble on the strawberries and stay under 500 cals.
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Hi Karen, well you do seem to be back in the swing of it which is great!!

How does fast 5 work, heard of it before but don't know too much about it. Is it where u have a 5 hour window and you can eat what u like in those 5 hours? Sounds interesting and I'm sure it could work well with juddd if and when we needed it.

Take care hun xxx
Hi there. Yes, Fast 5 is where you fast for 19 hours and eat within a 5-hour window. It's not as effective as JUDDDD and I wouldn't want to get into the habit of doing it but it's useful if I have a few days where I know I'm going to have to eat out or whatever so can't have a DD. It helps me remember I'm on a diet if that makes sense.

I've had a lovely DD today - feel wonderfully light! Looking forward to WI tomorrow even though I haven't managed to JUDDDD much this week :)
Ok, I'm really back this time. Had my first DD yesterday and having an intermediate day today because I want to go out for dinner tomorrow night.

We won't talk about how much I have gained since I came off JUDDD but we'll just press on - new day new start!!! :)
S: 14st6lb G: 10st0lb
Good luck hunni, don't look back, just forward. We've all had bad times we need to put behind us diet wise, I'm exactly in the same boat as you there!! We can do it this time, good thing is we've been there and done it before, so we know we CAN and we know it does work :D
Right on! Well, I've had two up days and two down days so far, sneaked on the scales this morning and I've lost 2lb so far this week :)

Didn't go out for tea in the end - had stuffed mushrooms instead. They were yummy. Pie and mash for tea tonight - I love this diet!

Down day tomorrow is going to be tricky as I have a work lunch and it's a sit-down meal rather than a buffet. I'm going to have to just sit and play with my food I think - see if I can get lots of veg and not much else.
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Hiya Karen, good to see you back and good luck with your restart-sounds like you are going greatguns so far !!
Had my up day today and I'm actually looking forward to a DD tomorrow - I feel really full and I haven't eaten a huge amount.

Going to try and get something like a plate of veg or salad at the work meal tomorrow and then a clear soup for tea at home.

First proper WI on Saturday :D
DD yesterday went reasonably well. Luckily there was a salad bar at the hotel where we had the work meal so I had a plate of lettuce and tomatoes. Veg soup for tea. Fell foul of a bottle of wine in the evening unfortunately but still a lot fewer cals than I would normally eat.

Up day today and I feel full and bloated despite only having had some fish pie and a flapjack - guess your stomach shrinks on a DD!

Weigh in tomorrow so fingers crossed.
Thanks. Well I haven't posted for a few days as I've been on holiday and had no internet access but I lost 2lbs on my first week, which I'm very happy with as I didn't always do brilliantly on my down days.

I've done a half-hearted JUDDDD while on holiday so will see what the damage is on Sunday after my DD tomorrow.
Hi guys, thanks for posting on my diary.

Having a lovely weekend, all the better for my weigh-in and having lost half a pound despite having been on holiday!!! I've never lost anything on hols before, always gained so I'm really chuffed :)

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