Karens 30th birthday messages


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Hi as you may have gathered by now my mate Karen will be 30 on monday......Last night (fri) we had a surprise party for her, she had no idea and was stunned. I have posted 4 pictures from her party in the gallery, feel free to have a peek.

So may I be the first to wish Karen a cool day

:p :p :p :p :p :p
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Ok so does someone wanna delete this thread then, as no one replied. We can continue on karens nice smelling books.


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Ah Sonkie , is noone intrested ???
I am and i was there at the party and karen's face was a picture , the dear love was shaking ! bless her !
Think she nearly came in swearing but she was good LOL
Many happy returns for Monday Karen ....hope you have a wonderful day xxx


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Fab picutres it looks like you all had great fun.:)

Happy Birthday Karen:D



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Oh wow, what a fantastic photo!!!

Many happy returns Karen.

Now you're 30 you've got the joy of hangovers now lasting at least 2 days LOL :D

Hope you have a lovely day
Kitty xxx


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thank u ladies. i had a fab time at my suprise party. possibly not a good idea to give a big girl such a shock (my poor heart!!) but it was great. thank u for the birthday wishes. xxxx

p.s any chance of burning those photos?? lol


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just thought i'd ask :eek:


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Karen - glad you had a lovely party.


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Happy 30th Karen, have a wonderful day :D

Fab photo :)


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hi everyone!

thanks for the lovely birthday messages. :)

it was a great weekend starting with the delivery of flowers, then the suprise party, then an indian restaurant on the saturday night and out to the pub sunday night.

after dropping the kids off at school on monday hubby suprised me by saying he was taking me away for the night. we went to "the old mill hotel" in salisbury and it was absolutely brilliant. gorgeous food (wont give too much info but have to say how pleased i am that their restaurant is 150 miles away from me now...wayyyy too yummy!!)

then retired to our superior suite with a bottle of tia maria and coke and spent the night in the most gorgeous king sized bed. thats all im saying ;)

the next morning we took a walk up to salisbury cathedral (£4 entrance...i only wanted to see the magna carta! lol) then took a walk down to the market and bought some books.

on the way back to hotel hubby wanted to go into burger king so while he ate his massive angus thing i sat with a carton of boiling water trying to stir the lumps out of my CD mushroom soup. have been SSing ever since. gotta be good now! no more excuses!

so...thats everything! i had a fab long weekend of naughtiness but am being a lil angel now :sigh: hehe!


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lol. well how was i know know when i opened the door i was going to have people firing cannons at me and screaming! u r lucky we didnt have to move the party up to the cardiac ward mrs!!