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Kate's 2011 Food Diary...

Sunday 2nd January Green Day

My first day of my food diary!!!
I made a New Years resolution to spend more time with my friends. Since my OH has returned from living away at uni I have become a boring recluse and spend far too much time with him. SO this year is going to be focused on spending more time with my ladies!!

I have also decided i want to do some kind of challenge this year for charity, like the 3 peaks, or inca trek...any suggestions welcome!

28g porridge with Milk (HEXA) and (HEXB)

100ml Home made Veg soup
1 Slice WW Wholemeal (1/2 HEXB2)
25G Twiglets (5 Syns)
1 alpen light bar (1/2 HEXB")

Spaghetti with Quorn Meatballs
Muller Light
Chocolate Brandy Snap (4 syns?)

Total Syns - 9
Exercise1 hour Legs, Bums and Tums class

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Wow im so excited to see your diary as you look amazing and are really inspiring!
Monday 3rd January Red Day

Its midday and today i have already been shopping with my mum in Birmingham.
Going to see my nana this afternoon then this evening me and OH are going to play minigolf and the arcade at Star City

Breakfast 9am
42g all bran with milk (HEXB)

Snack Midday
Options chocolate brownie hot choc (3syns) Slither of SW quiche

Lunch 2pm
Roast Beef, Broccoli, Carrpt, Peas, Cauliflower, Gravy (2 syns)
WW Lemon Cheesecake Yoghurt
Apple & Sultana Alpen Light (1/2 HEXB2)

Home made tomato soup
1 Slice WW Wholemal bread (1/2 HEXB2)
Muller Light Yoghurt
Choccie Biscuit - im putting down 5 syns??

Syns 10
Exercise None today as i feel a litle worn out

I went to topshop today and bought a skirt to go out in...tried it on (it fit!) and bought it, got it home and realised it was a size 6!!! But i am still a size 10 in their jeans???

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menus looking good, whats for dinner? :)
I will be reading this as I have about 2 stone to lose and think you look fab!
Tuesday 4th January Green Day

Well back to work today....6.45 start was a shock to the system!
Nice to be back with my ladies though and get back into things.
Been feeling a little down lately,had a long chat with OH and a good cry last night and said some things that needed to be said and hopefully we are back on track now!

Breakfast 7.15am
2 Weetabix, Warm milk and sweetener (HEXB and part HEXA)

Lunch 1pm
Homemade tomato soup with 3 Ryvita Crackerbread (3 syns)
WW Raspberry Desert Yoghurt

Dinner 8.45pm
Jacket Potato with Beans
Muller Light Yoghurt

Options Bannoffee hot choc (3 syns)
1 Quality Street (2 Syns)
1 Speartmint Chew (2 Syns)
1 Choc Eclair (1 Syn)

Syns 11
Exercise 45 minute step class followed by 40 minute spinning class


What do you mean how am I feeling??

In terms of hunger, I don't get hungry other than at meal times really, if i do get a rumbly tum before i tend to suck a choc or sweet and have a glass of NAS squash or a coffee

In a strange way i like feeling hungry, it makes me enjoy my dinner more :)

Hi All

Wednesday 5th January Red Day

Just back from girly catch up at the pub, had a lovely time!!
You may notice on my food diary my lunches are quite 'samey'
I like reptition...its abit OCD i think but it keeps me in line.

Breakfast 7.15am
28G Porridge with milk and sweetener (HEXA + HEXB)

Lunch 1pm
Homemade tomato soup
3 Ryvita Crackerbread (3 syns)
WW Strawberry Tart Yoghurt

Tea 7.30pm
2 rashers of bacon
1 Quorn Sausage
2 Scrambled Eggs
WW Lemon Cheesecake Yoghurt

Optins hot choc (2 syns)
Spearmint Chew (2Syns)
Choc Eclair (1 Syn)
Quality Street (2 syns)

Exercise45 mins legs, bums and tums
Syns 10

Thursday 6th January Green Day

I'm annoyed today. I have eaten well since new years day, not going over my syns. Yet today i'm looking more bloated than i have all Xmas!!! And its WI tomorrow, i'm feeling very grumpy!!
Ah well, im off spinning soon...

Breakfast 7.15am
42g All Bran with milk (HEXB and HEXA)

Lunch 13.30pm
Chicken pasta mugshot
2 Alpen Lights (HEXB2)
WW Toffee Apple Yoghurt

Dinner 8.30pm
Half can Chickpea, rice
Muller Light

Exercise40 min Spinning
Syns10 in total
Options Hot Choc (2 syns)
2 quality street (4 syns)
2 spearmint chews (4 syns)

Humph. Kate.

Hiya, just a quick post as im at work.
WI for the first time since Xmas Eve today!
I was 9st 7lb Xmas Eve (.5 gain)
Today....9st 5lb !! I have finally broken the 9st 6lb barrier! It was actually flickering between 9st 5 and 9st 4 but didnt want to hedge my bets!

Will post diary later x
Friday Red Day

Hey all....so im no 9st 5lbs! finally broke the inevitable 9st 6lbs barrier that ive been skirting around for about a month! i think its all the homemade soup i've had!!!
Going out for a meal and drinks tomorow, which im not too worried about as went for a curry last friday and still had a loss!

Breakfast 7.30am
2 Slices WW Wholemeal (HEXB)

Lunch 1.30pm
Homemade tomato soup
3 Ryvita Crackerbread (3 syns)
2 Alpen Light Bard (HEXB)
WW Strawberry Tart Yoghurt

Dinner 7pm
Roast Pork, Carrots, Pease, Broccoli, Cauli, Gravy (2 syns)

2 Spearmint Chews (4 syns)
1 Choc Eclair (1 syn)
1 Choc (2 syns)

Syns 14
Exercise Dayoff!
Do you find making your own soup expensive? or boring? I find there are only so many times i can face soup but maybe thats my own fault!

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