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Step 1 Sole Source Kate's Daily Diary


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I am a fellow lover of stationary - I have promised myself a shiny new Kikki.K planner for my next teaching job if I lose the weight, so thats a bonus coming to me hopefully! They are so very lovely. I am glad I'm not the only one who is using little treats to reward myself, I bought a NARS lip pencil after my first weigh in and I've worn it every day. A little something makes it feel so much better - you definatey had the right thought there.

I loved the Tikka! I tend to use slightly less water as I like it thick so it feels like I'm having a curry in front of the telly and eat it slow lol. Makes the world of difference. Serve with sparkling water and its luxury ...almost. Have you tried the Spag Bol yet?

I am sure you have done amazingly after 7 days SS. Let us know how you have done so we can congratulate you! Keep it up!

Nadia xx
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Thanks Nadia! Well I weighed yesterday morning and have lost 11lbs so far. Not my best week ever, but pretty damn close.Tbh, though, I am more pleased about the fact that I have been 100% ss. :) I was on my period, too, so I am hopeful for a good loss over the next week too.

I have tried the spag bol, in fact I have it for later! I like it, but it seems a bit sweet...I'm not 100 convinced! Prefer the tikka. :)

My favourite thing is to stick the chocolate tetras in the freezer and eat them like icecream. That's my stock treat in the evening.

Hope you are well xx


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I found the same thing with the spag bol. I added some cajun spice mix to it helped a lot.

Wow that is fantastic go you! You must be feeling pretty chuffed right now. It's so much easier when you had a good loss isn't it. Plus as you say more will definitely come off next week as a delayed loss. Something to look forward to!

I've not tried frozen tetra blocks. I may have t pick a couple up later and give It a go...ice cream in this weather sounds good. Thanks for the tip! :)

Nadia x
Thanks Nadia ☺️ Yes, the tetras are lovely...but you have to leave them about twenty minutes so they thaw enough to get a spoon in to them! I cut the cardboard off with scissors and just sit the block in a bowl. xx


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I tried this on Friday - it was a lush treat ! So yummy.

How are things getting on - are you still powering on with it all happily?

Nadia x
Hi Nadia. Yes, I'm still 100% so far and loving it. Glad you liked the tetras. :) I didn't have one today...decided to blend a choc orange shake with water and crushed ice instead. Lush! The ice definitely helps thicken them. Have definitely gone off veg soup, though. I almost couldn't stomach it today. Only 71 days left til my first 12 week stint is up. Really doesn't sound that long! Hope you're well too xx
So...more than two weeks in and still 100% SS. :) I got on the scales yesterday and was disappointed...not because I'd lost 5lbs, that was good, but because I was hoping the first number would change and it hadn't. Apologies...TMI...but I hadn't 'gone' for a couple of days and bizarrely (I don't know why this happens, but it seems to) I hadn't had much sleep. I seem to weigh more if I haven't slept well! Anyhoo...suffice to say, things moved yesterday afternoon and I also slept well last night (I'm not sure the two things were related!!). And then this morning I weighed again and bang, another 3lbs gone and am finally under 16 stone. I think I might just give up weighing myself on a tuesday, as a very similar thing happened last week. Superstitious, I know, but hey ho. Off to see my cdc tomorrow for more packs.
So another day or so down. Still 100%.
Well done! I'm two weeks behind you (Day 2 just about DONE!) and definitely looking forwards to getting where you are cause that'll mean bars!

How did you find your first few days? I was flat out at 10pm last night and slept the whole night through (which for me is unheard 0f - I'm a late to bed and uneasy sleeper normally). Have a bit more energy today though. Expecting it to hit me over the weekend though...

Keep it up!
Hi! All the best with your journey. I felt very similar and tbh I'm full of energy during the day now most days but I need much more sleep. I think I kid myself I don't when I'm not on cwp and because I'm eating more, it kind of covers it up, but with cwp there's nowhere to hide and I need to give in to the fact that I need more sleep! xx
So the 'Cambridge cold' returns! I forgot just how difficult it is to keep warm! I've brought my son to B'ham for his ballet lesson today and I had to have the seat heater on in the car. Am now sitting in the bar across the road with my masters coursework and a cup of peppermint tea for company. They have the cheek to charge for soda water!! My hands are freezing. All in a good cause, though. I'm wearing jeans and a top I haven't worn for months and it all feels ok.
I am having a hungry day! But I do not need to eat...this feeling will not beat me, lol!


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Go you sticking to it 100%! And well done on the tops and jeans, bet that felt fantastic when you put them on:D

The Cambridge cold is a swine isn't it. I've piled up loads of blankets and gone through many boxes of tissues. It's all worth it in the end! Do hope you are feeling better soon.

Nadia x
Thanks Nania. I don't feel poorly, just bloody freezing! Hoping for a good loss tomorrow. Tried a smoothie today. Loved it! Didn't think I'd like the texture but it was fine. Xx
So, I've passed the 1.5 stone mark in 3 weeks :) In weight terms, I'm almost a quarter of the way to my target. That's crazy! Can't wait to go clothes shopping. I'm not allowing myself to for a good while yet, but I can dream in the meantime. I have bought myself some boots for passing the stone mark and I will get some sunglasses when I get to 2 stone. Not long now!! Xx
Fingers crossed! :) I had a dream last night that I just decided to eat a bag of haribo!! I woke up and felt so guilty. I almost couldn't remember if it was true or not, but it definitely wasn't. Been at a dance festival today with my eldest two. Was my daughter's first solo, so she was very excited and my son came second out of 21 in his solo. Very proud mum. We even went to nandos for lunch and I just had soda water. So very proud of me too!! xx
So, now 30 days in. 100% Ss. Had friends over for takeaway and lots of beer last night and I didn't touch a drop or eat anything. Great night and lots of fun even though I was sober. Also survived a McDonalds stop on the way back from the dance festival, although the smell in the car was almost overpowering. Boy has got 2 golds and 2 silvers from 4 dances so far, so he's doing good. A whole month tomorrow and weigh in on Friday xx


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Hi Kate
Have loved reading your diary. You are definitely some kind of Cambridge guru having known and used the plan so much!
It sounds like you're in the zone this time and have made a great start. I hope things continue to go well for you.
Ha ha...thank you, but I'm not sure I am. Yes, definitely back in the zone. Had another sober night out on Thursday, where everyone else ate and I just stuck to my soda water, which followed a day of waiting in Costa for my son to finish a musical theatre day, drinking peppermint tea and sparkling water. Back to the festival today (another gold!!) and went for lunch and shopping with lovely friends. I survived lunch (peppermint tea) and a sweet shop!! I am really lucky my friends are supportive. And although I purposely didn't buy any clothes for me today (loads for the kids, though!!) I did have lots of fun looking. 33 days 100% SS xx

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