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Kate's Diary - time to get serious!!!! lol


So, I have decided to start this thread so that I have a little more support when dieting (as I have very little will power to be honest). Seems obvious when I write it down like that but I guess I have to as I find this very odd, I don't normally share with people that I am dieting or am even down about my weight.

I was already dieting, but have decided to get serious about it as last night I was looking through a memory book and kind of had a mini 'Eureka' moment! I have a very skinny sister - who no matter what she eats always maintains her physique, I have always seen myself therefore as the 'fat' sister, however, looking at photos I realise I never really was, yes, I was curvy but I had a gorgeous figure- just different to my sister, more curvy. I used it as an excuse to eat more and feel bad about myself, triggering further eating, this ironically lead me to actually being the 'fatter' sister.

A second trigger is that I am going on holiday in August to Florida, I havent been anywhere warm in a year or so and decided to check all my summer clothes, as I had a feeling I had put weight on. It wasnt as bad as I thought! I think a stone will get me back to how I once was, but I think I only need to lose just under that to fit into all my clothes. If I get serious - I CAN do this.
I dont want to shy away from having pictures taken or look back at photos with regret.

So.... here we go!
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So I just found this pretty interesting thread about emotional eating (a problem I know I have) and have been working through part 1 of 4


here are my responses to the questions:

How hard is it for you to see emotional eating in your life? Is it very visible? If so, describe the instances you've got in mind. Do you think instances like this are the main obstacle to you losing weight? If it's not so visible, why do you think you have trouble eating less and exercising more?
It is incredibly easy for me to see emotional eating - as stated above I used to eat because I saw myself as the 'fatter' sibling. My mum would always say, 'oh look at your sister! I am so jealous! look how skinny she is!' This lead to me seeing no point in maintaining a thin body as it never seemed to be noticed next to hers, as a result I ate more in order to relieve my frustration with my body.
Also, I am a big sucker for food when bored - I see cooking as a fun past time - again leading to having to eat the damn stuff!

Do you have trouble differentiating between emotional hunger and physical hunger? Describe a time when you may have mistaken emotional hunger for physical hunger. What was happening at the time to make you emotionally hungry? Why didn't you deal with it directly, instead of using food?
My boyfriend and I have been going long distance this year for our studies (we are both students), when with the girls and talking about him I often remember saying, 'God! I am sooooo hungry! I NEED chocolate!' (we have all been there!)
I can distinctly remember then feeling STARVED and yet I KNOW we had just eaten a huge dinner!

Ok, I will continue this once part 2 arrives!

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