Kate's ww journey


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Hi everyone, it's Day 1 of the ww plan and after seeing all your good results i am looking forward to seeing my own results.

I have just had a breakfast of oat so simple with skimmed milk, a banana and an m& s count on us yoghurt. I am full and it all came to only 4 and a half points.

I love my chocolate and the great thing on this plan is that i don't have to give it up. I'm going to make sure that i set points aside for my chocolate bar and a packet of walkers french fries crisps.

I'm going out for a meal on Saturday with my BF and his family so i'm going to try and set some points aside for that and bump up my exercise so i can have an extra 12 points.

Hope you all do well this week xx
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Good luck on your first day and week but I'm such you don't need it as you seem well organised. Have a wonderful day and keep us posted.


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You sound like you are doing great, well done! x


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Good Luck on WW...I'm sure you'll do great and there's plenty of support available here! xx


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It sounds like you're off to a brilliant start :D Looking forward to reading how you're getting on :) xxx


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hi and welcome. looking forward to cheering you on :)


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welcome to the WW boards :) you sound like you've made a great start - i started at just 3lbs less than you 10 weeks ago and I'm already enjoying clothes 3 dress sizes smaller and generally eating (bar today) and feeling healthier.

where abouts are you going for your meal on saturday? Only place i can honestly say is really difficult to point for is indian.. anything else there is always a healthier option! :)