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Katie: Lost a pound


Well hello my loves, remember me?
It seems the wanderer returns at last.
Im starting a new diary as my old one is totally useless and dead and things are a bit diffrent now!
Ive been totally off any diet or even thinking about it for about a month or so now, BLISS! and have gained back half a stone (so only a stone loss maintained).
The main reason for being off any plan (other than being totally burnt out) is that I recently became vegan.
Its a whole new world of food that I am not used to so its been a bit of a learning curve so far. Can say that I think its the best thing that Ive ever done, its just that the weight is creeping on and my attempts to get back onto plan (nocount and points, no slimming world as the dairy aspect is out the window obviously!) have failed and Its starting to get me down. I feel good in health wise but not so good looks wise so its time to cutt back on the cakes and start getting serious!
Just need a bit of support to be honest and a kick up the bum. Obviously my food might be a bit diffrent to yours but its all the same really!
Hopefully you wont mind having me back for a while! Tomorrow is offical weigh in, although I am well into the 11's again last time I checked. :(


Anyone new, hi! :rolleyes:

You can also catch up with me here:
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Alroight missy :) *waves*
Alroight Jen *waves*:p

:eek: Hello stranger and Welcome back
Thank you Kals!

Hiya, i dont post much as im always swaping from here to sw sites, but i do remember you & want to wish you well on your weightloss journey xx
Aww, I really appreciate that. Thank you so much!

Weigh in result: 11.5.6

That is SHOCKING. When I think of all that effort and upset that I went through to lose that extra half stone (the first was not so bad) I feel a bit sad. Not because I have gained it back because it was my own fault that it was so hard and it neednt of been. Other people on here have shown me that it is possible and that you can do it if you try. Its quite funny how alot of us have ventured off into diets unknown but seem to have all made our way back to good old weightwatchers. :rolleyes: I still have problems with weightwatchers but its the plan that best fits in with me atm.
Word of warning. I was actually on diet properly yesterday and made a batch of WW oaty bars to take as breakfasts for when I start uni again next week :O So much for going back slim and happy! ha!
Also getting my hair cutt tomorrow so thats another trauma! :p

Anyway back to the cookie things... it was meant to serve twelve at 2 points a slice. honestly there where 4 slices of anyones money in that pan. It really wasnt at all a ww recipe to be honest, it was just having a MEGA small portion, like an inch x inch square! as none of the ingrediants where subs for lower point ones, stupid! I have no self control and ate nearly all of it! HA! You live and learn and I finally know that I cant have/make sweet things because I eat them all!

Have a good day ladies! x
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Mondays menu

2 ww thick white bread -2
1tbsp reduced fat peanut butter -1.5
Apple -0.5

3 nimble -2
Baxters med veg soup -2

Peanut butter -0.5
1 ww white -1
vegetable grill-2
250g potato as chips -2.5
ketchup -0.5

Alpro blueberry yogurt -1.5
Bear apple crumble granola -1.5
1 mini yorkshire pudding -1.5
Bit of failed chapatti -1

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Hope you're hair turned out great... if you didn't bottle it that is :D xxx
Hair is actually tomorrow at 10 and I am bricking it! :jelous: hehe

Was this a choice for healthier living, point reduction or simply because you have views towards animal products? Does that even sound right?
Are you finding WW easy with being a vegan or do you find it is harder to set/make meals using alternatives?
I know what you mean!
Hopefully I can answer this without sounding weird and/or preachy...

I started reading up for my dissertation which I was going to do on why dieting doesnt work/makes you fat etc and one of the books I read had about how animal products are not healthy for us.
So I then started reading about not eating animal products and animal treatment and something inside me just changed. I had read the book before (Skinny *****)but it didnt click and I went and ate my chicken burger after lol
But this time it upset me and touched me on a level that meant that I coudnt think about those products in the same way again. When I see those things I dont see food now and so I couldnt eat them anymore.
It was a really sudden turn around, I was veggie for about 3 days and then went vegan. Chris couldnt handle it and thought it was a phase, and mum was supportive but I think she thought that to.
Well ive been vegan for over a month now and wouldnt ever go back.
Obviously still living at home and being with Chris means that I cant avoid those things totally and can look at them in the same way someone else would. Like you see a steak, its food, its meat, and you dont see a cow, an animal, a person. I can do that enough to not get upset in the middle of asda when mums buying chicken wings but I cant enough to be able to eat them.
For me is firstly about how I feel about the animals, which as someone whos never even been vegetarian or liked/had animals is an odd thing for those around me but I cant help it! lol
2ndly its about health. Not weight loss as ive gained 7 pounds since going vegan, the puddings are just soo damn good you wouldnt believe.
This might be TMI but i have never been healthyer digestion wise ;) and being someone who had IBS thats a miricle in itself.:rolleyes:

Just to note: I dont eat meat,fish,eggs or milk. 100% vegans wont eat honey, but I will if it is a small amount in something like a cereal bar but I would avoid it if I could.

As to am I finding it hard doing ww being vegan? Yes and No.
I find weightwatchers hard anyway! ahaha!
Its not hard really, there are alot of things out there, more and more every day as replacements so thats not a problem.
Ive even started eating new things like beans and pulses that I had never eaten before and so far I would say that the food i eat now is alot better than the food i ate before, in terms of how tasty it is!
Most things tend to be low in points anyway and ive not yet missed anything too much. Sometimes I will miss those things but everything I get back from it makes it worth me not being able to have the few non-vegan things I do like the taste of. Really its about just finding those thigns you can have, and there are some odd ones! Like waitrose do ice buns which are vegan, spar do chocolate spread, asda do chocolate etc etc It means its a bit more searching for those items but they are out there!
If you couldnt buy any cheap chocolate that was vegan I would be struggling!
Hi there, I remember you from before - you used to post lovely food porn:D

Just wanted to say good luck and I really respect your reasons for becoming vegan and how you've managed to convert..are you not missing meat at all?
Thanks! the food porn might make a comeback who knows ;)
ive never been that much of a meat eater anyway, only chicken, ham and crispy duck!
Honestly i dont miss it because i can have stuff that is almost the same, but without the guilt that comes with real meat etc. Also the thought of eating those things actually makes me feel sick now, its such an odd feeling to know you like the taste of those things yet to really reaally not want to eat them!
so are you going wholly vegan or just vegan eating? will you still use non-edible products with animal produce in them / wear leather and suede clothing etc? x


Right to the 'point'
Welcome back!

Good luck with being vegan...could NEVER do that!
so are you going wholly vegan or just vegan eating? will you still use non-edible products with animal produce in them / wear leather and suede clothing etc? x
I try to buy vegan products if i can, toiletries are easy but some things like wahsing powder etc i dont have control over at home.
On the leather front i wouldnt buy anything new made of wool/leather/silk etc but i would buy it 2nd hand because its already served its life and im not encouraging that industry, without that product going to waste and being throw away.

Welcome back!

Good luck with being vegan...could NEVER do that!
Thanks, but I need the luck for weightwatchers rather than being vegan! :p
Good for you Katie. I really admire you for being so commited to this. As a total animal lover, I wish I was able to do what you're doing.
Unfortunately, the most I can manage is sticking to free range!
Anything is better than nothing, thats my moto!
ooh i never thought of that, i like that idea of buying 2nd hand things and letting them properly serve their life :) makes me feel fuzzy and warm inside.
Well I read all that with complete interest, couldn't do it myself mind, or at least, I don't think I'd want to... but would be good if I did, if yo know what I mean.

Lovely to see you back... and good luck for tomorrows hair ;) xxx
Thank you...Going to get it a bit diffrent. might post a picture unless its horrendous!

ooh i never thought of that, i like that idea of buying 2nd hand things and letting them properly serve their life :) makes me feel fuzzy and warm inside.
Warm and fuzzy is a nice feeling, thats kind of how i feel about my whole veganism thing now.

Anyway enough of the babble and time for some foood! :D
Thanks chick, it went fine as always. She was late but I wasnt bothered. Not been feeling too well and everyone here is ill so was more concerned with feeling sick and ill than the hair.
It looks ok, nothing special as im trying to grow out some layers and bad cutting from the last few times with someone else. Hopefully it will look ok when ive washed it, thats always the test isnt it?
At least its a bit lighter now and looks better than it did before even if it doesnt look that great. I thought it looked nice-ish untill i took a picture! gah. Oh well.
Been having this bad feeling recently, anxious and down. Which ive not felt like for a while. not sure what it is, maybe its where i might be coming down with something, who knows.
Dentist tomorrow as well. Then uni next week. Ergh. It just gets better and better....

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