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Katie's Food Diary

I've been on SW for about a week already but I need to keep track so I'm starting my food diary today.

Day 1, 08/09/10 (extra easy)

- grilled mushrooms
- 3 quorn sausages
- tablespoon of baked beans
- egg fried in frylight
- 2 rashers lean bacon
- an apple

- 2 slices wholemeal bread (Hex B)
- 2 dairylea extra light triangles (1/3 Hex A)
- 2 slices ham

- Free chilli made with extra lean mince and vegetables with rice

- activia snackpot

- small amount of milk in coffee (Hex A)
- diet coke

I calculate that as zero syns.. but I'm going to presume I consumed a few along the way as I may have missed some of the bacon fat and I also didn't eat enough superfree foods, so I'll write it off as even.
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Day 2, 09/09/10 (Green)

- 1/4 melon
- total 0% with sweetener
- 1 weetabix (1/2 Hex B)

- free quorn bolognese
- rice
- sweetcorn
- 28g cheddar grated (Hex A)

- apple
- 1 alpen light bar (1/2 Hex B)

that's all so far but I plan quorn sausages, SW chips and peas for tea with a frozen activia snackpot after.

Then I still need to eat my other healthy extras =/ maybe bread with tea.

Syns, well zero so far but I'm going to the pub later so I plan to consume a few vodkas. :)
the rest of yesterday didn't go to plan lol so day 2 continued:

- 3 quorn sausages
- SW chips
- Spaghetti Hoops (we didn't have any peas =/)
- 2 tbsp ex. light mayonnaise (1)

- activia snackpot from the freezer

and that's it. Oh except one small bite of my boyfriends iced bun (1?) we didn't go to the pub in the end and I planned to eat some kettle chips instead but I wasn't hungry so I didn't.

so I ate half my Hex's and 2 syns.

Tonight I'm going out for a meal with a friend so I'll see how that goes, I'm not going to deny myself anything because I've been really low on syns so far =)
Day 3, 10/09/10

- 2 eggs in frylight
- toast (Hex B)
- mushrooms in frylight
- margarine (1)
- HP sauce (1)
- total 0% with sweetener

- chicken drumstick

- lettuce
- peppers
- cucumber
- tuna
- cottage cheese
- potato
- cous cous
- balsamic vinegar

- dough balls (17.5)
- four cheese pizza (38 - 6 (Hex A) so 32)
- 1/2 cheesecake & 1/2 toffee ice cream (around 20?)

- diet coke

total syns: about 77.5... now 71.5

oh dear. although in total for the last 3 days i've had 73.5 syns which averages at 24.5 per day so if I stick to zero for the next two days that averages out at less than 15 per day, so although I am frankly disgusted with myself I enjoyed my meal and I'm not going to let it get me down.

*edit* OOH IVE GOT A PLAN can I include 28g of cheese from the four cheese pizza as a Hex A therefore taking off 6 syns from the pizza bringing my total syns for the day down to 71.5
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you've just given me an idea for tomorrows breakfast, mushrooms, eggs and toast :)
Day 4 - 11/09/2010

- total 0% with sweetener

- leftover salad from lunch the day before - all free
- apple
- alpen light bar (1/2 hex B)
- 1 slice wholemeal bread with 2 dairylea ex. light triangles (1/2 hex B + 1/3 hex A)

- pasta
- chopped tomatoes
- vegetables
- quorn pieces
- mixed beans

- diet coke
- coffee with milk (hex A)

so, zero syns =) but only half my Hex's as it was a green day but I didn't plan it to be a green day I just dont really eat much meat, anyway I'm making up for all the syns I ate before!!
Day 5 - 12/09/2010 (green)

- costa ham and cheese toastie (20.5) argh i thought it would be about 16 oh well. - 6 for Hex A cheese, (14.5)

- pasta from last night
- 1 alpen light bar (1/2 hex B)
- apple
- strawberries

- milk in coffee (1/2 Hex A)

- pasta and salad

so syns (14.5)
but not all my hex's again =/
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can i ask what 0% is? i'm intrigued!
Day 6 - 13/09/10 (EE)

- 1x wholemeal toast (1/2 hex B)
- 3x scrambled eggs
- loads of mushrooms in frylight

- jacket potato
- vegetable chilli
- broccoli

- 1 alpen light bar (1/2 hex B)

- pasta bake recipe from SW book with vegetables and chicken
- 28g grated cheddar (hex A)
- muller light =)

zero syns and all my Hex's, good good.
Day 7 - 14/09/10

- 1 weetabix (1/2 hex B) with a little milk from hex A and sweetener
- fat free activia yoghurt

- pasta salad (pasta, quark, peppers, red onion)
- strawberries
- 1x alpen light bar (1/2 hex B)
- 2x dairylea light triangles (1/3 hex A)

- a little milk in coffee (rest of hex A)
- hazelnut syrup (erm about 4 syns?)
- diet coke
yeah the total 0% is fat free greek yoghurt and its reaaaaally nice and thick and creamy and totally free.. but kinda expensive =/

Thank you! May have to try that!

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