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Katus diary

Day one of attack!

B. Smoked salmon omelette
S. Vanilla mullerlight
L. Mackerel fillets and boiled egg
S. Cottage cheese
D. Roast chicken oat bran gallette

Just starting to feel hungry so there may be more!

Also drinking loads of water.

Tomorrow I intend to have
B gallette
S boiled egg
L hot smoked salmon
S mullerlight
D lean beef burgers

Karen x
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grammar police
welcome Katu, if you're hungry then definitely eat something more - remember there are no limits, as long as it's on the list of allowed foods. After the first 3 or 4 days your appetite should subside considerably, but until then feel free to fill up on lean protein!


** Chief WITCH **
Absolutely Katus... I don't think you're eating enough. For lunch today, for instance, you say "hot smoked salmon". What sort of quantity? (I'm sure the quantity is perfect, cos it's very salty and not something you need to OD on, but you could and should add something else.) Try cooking a roast chicken, so that you always have something to hand.

At your current weight, you need to be eating more. I'm glad you moved your galette to the morning, as that's very filling and I always think it's a shame to eat it at night.
Thanks for the replies, i,ve been having some technical difficulties so haven't been able to get back on grrrrr!!

Things are going well. I've been staring at the scales in disbelief after losing 4lbs in 2 days! It's a great incentive to keep going.

Todays menu has been,
b cinammon galette and ff yogurt and sf jelly
s hb egg
l hot smoked salmon and cottage cheese (checked the salt and it's ok)
d lean beef burgers and fromage frais
s toffee mullerlight

Karen x


Not very good at this!
Keep up the good work. You are starting at around the same kind of weight as I was, although you are a little taller than me <sniff> if that's any incentive.
after going great guns with attack and losing 5.5lbs in 3 days i ground to a halt today.I'm fairly sure it's down to TOTM which is due any minute! (but I'm not exactly clockwork so it's not an exact science!) I have major sweet cravings so thats another big sign for me. It would have been interesting to see how much I would have lost otherwise,but I'll hang in there until the fluid goes.
I've found attack quite easy but worried about transit so I put a load of chilli flakes in my yogurt dressing tonight which should sort me out tomorrow LOL!

B LF bacon medallions and egg
s boiled egg
l 3 chicken drumsticks and nat yogurt
s vanilla mullerlight
d gallete used as a wrap with tandoori turkey strips and chilli yogurt dressing!
s boiled egg

Lots of eggs today but I'm feeling nibblish (totm again?).PV starts tomorrow.

Karen x
Yes, I'm looking forward to the veggies but just worried I might overdo it a bit. Although the chilli flakes haven't worked (usually goes straight through me lol) so a few veggies are definitely a good idea!

I'm delighted to have lost 6lbs though, I've never had results like that before so I'm determined to keep it up!

Karen x
Hehe, transit is a favourite topic on here! Now that you are on phase II (cruise) you can have 1 tbs of wheatbran and a little more oatbran - both will help with transit! Also rhubarb is allowed - someone else will tell you the quantities, I've lost my book. Think it counts as a tolerated on PP days though.

I have terrible TOTM cravings - a little extra sweetner in galette/porridge/Dukan custard should take the edge off! So much better than the 100 gr bar of chocolate I used to stuff down myself:eek:.

For the veg - general rule is 2/3 protein 1/3 veg on your plate!
Thanks for that Laura.I was going to ask about the wheat bran as I couldn't see it in the book and I'm desperate to try those toffee muffins!


grammar police
The toffee muffins are amazing, BUT only make them if you're losing well. There are a few additions in them such as the milk powder which can cause a stall. I enjoyed them for a while, but started to stall so back on galettes now.
I think I'll wait a little while for the muffins then, just in case!

Wooohooo,another lb has hit the dust and I'm now 7lb down, amazing! I started cruise yesterday but made sure I didn't overdo the veggies. I'll be doing a 2/2/1/2 pattern so that I can have pv the weekend and a Wednesday when I'm not working.hopefully this will work fine for me.

K x
Hmmm, better watch the chilli flakes. I think they took a day longer to work and then Boom!!!! Nuff said!

Had a headache mist if yesterday so I think I need to keep an eye on my water. I'm very good at drinking it at work but maybe a bit lazier at the weekend.

Today's menu will look like this
B cinnamon galette
S hard boiled egg
L 2 mackerel fillets
S vanilla mullerlight
D roast chicken

K x


grammar police
I struggle to keep my water levels up at the weekend too. Have followed Anja's advice and bought a water bottle so hoping that might keep me on the straight and narrow!
Hmmmm, bit disapointed as I've stalled the last 2 days. I'm going to try and work through it and not lose faith as this plan is so easy. I love the fact that I don't feel hungry and I'm not tempted to binge on all the foods I used to. So it's almost worth it just for that!!!

Karen x


** Chief WITCH **
10 days = a stall... so you've a way to go... and just look at my signature. I just had a month!
I've put my little blip down to a lack if exercise and I seem to be back on track now.

I'm definitely going to have to get more creative with my menus though ad I'm starting to get a little bored!

B low fat bacon medallions and fried egg( no oil)
S sf jelly
L chicken drumsticks
S boiled egg
D turkey burgers.

Unfortunately on sunday I'm going to be deliberately bad, I have a girly lunch with a set menu and half a bottle of prossecco. The food is antipasti so if I avoid the strawberry cheesecake I can almost have ab Atkins day.importantly I,m going to enjoy it then move on.

Karen x

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