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Katy's slimming world diary

Fri 19th August.
Decided to try Slimming World again from home, using my old magazines and this website for added help! Think I know what I'm doing and for the first time in ages I'm in a place where I want to lose weight for good. After graduating I think I have more time to commit too :) So, here is my first entry, hope I've got my first day right!

Breakfast - mullier light yoghurt poured over lots of fruit
Lunch - Asda wholemeal pitta (HexB), 1 tbsp low fat hummus and salad. Banana
Dinner - Chicken stuffed with reduced fat mozzerella (HexA) wrapped in lean bacon with roasted veg and 1/2 packet of pasta n sauce made with water.
Snacks - water, coffees with SS Milk and crab sticks. Apple
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*Purple Penguin*
Looks good, but where are your syns? :) It's recommended you have 5-15 a day.

Good luck!
Day 2 - Sat 20th August

Feeling quite good this morning as I'm still determined to follow the plan and lose weight. Looked through all of my skinny photos last night and can't believe 4 years at uni has made me look so horrible and fat! Going out tonight for dinner so not sure what will be on the menu yet!

Breakfast - Rice Crispies cereal bar - 4 syns

Lunch - Beans on 2 wholemeal toast (HexB)

Bad day for lack of fruit and veg but it is Saturday!
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What a bad end to yesterday! Had too many cocktails, a sharing platter and a bacon sandwich (grilled, lean and in wholemeal bread so maybe I can be a little forgiven) when I got in whilst friend tucked in to a Chicken pizza, chips and garlic so think i did pretty well!!! Had a good day/evening though so will just get back on track today ;) Other times I'd have had today off and said "I'll start again Monday" but after reading other people's entries here and posts, I'm inspired to start now, not tomorrow!

Brunch - ryvita crispbreads (HexB) with extra light laughing cows, cherry tomatoes, slices of ham. Fruit salad, water

Dinner - Spaghetti, prawns, chilli, garlic, parsley, 1tsp olive oil (3 syns?). Jelly and strawberries

Snacks - tea, water, ww crisps (4syns), veg sticks with homemade salsa. 2 slices toast (6syns)
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Feeling quite hungry for some reason, I think I ate quite well today. Perhaps I'm just bored! So thought I'd jot down a few incentives to keep me from reaching for the biscuit tin!

1) Size 10 dress for cruise next year
2) Healthy BMI
3) Annoy my ex... petty but would feel good! :)
Mistake of a mid week weigh in!

Feeling really disheartened now as I've got weighed before weigh in! I've stayed the same. I'm pretty sure Sat night can't have done that!? Going to try red days from tomorrow to see if that helps.

Breakfast - cereal bar - 4syns
Lunch - Chicken
Dinner - SW chips, salad

Will add syns in as the day goes on and snack on fruit, muller lights and veg sticks.
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Little change of plan for dinner. The pork looked quite fatty and I hate raw meat and couldnt face touching it to cut the fat off! Instead I had lots of slimming world chips with a salad. First time I'd tried the chips they're gorgeous, even got seal of approval from male housemates! I'm starting to love this slimming lark :)
meal ideas desperately needed!

No idea what to have for breakfast,lunch or dinner today! :confused: That's where I struggle as I don't like breakfast foods really. Was going to have chicken and bacon triple decker sandwiches but saving those for tomorrow night when some friends come round to watch DVDs. When I get weighed on Saturday I'm definately going to sit down and plan a full week as think it will be easier if I know what I'm having in advance rather than waking up racking my brains for ideas! ;) Will probably post after I've eaten today... still going to stick to plan though ;)

Breakfast - cereal bar 4 syns
Lunch - chicken salad, snack o jacks 5.5 syns
Dinner - prawns, garlic, chilli, parsley, fry lite, wholemeal spaghetti
Drinks/snacks: fruit, yoghurt, tea, water and diet coke


*Purple Penguin*
For my breakfast, I have chopped up strawberries with a Muller Light poured over the top. Could you try something like that?
Thanks for the idea! I am really fussy and struggle to eat yoghurts as snacks lol! I just don't feel like eating when I wake up, I don't mind cereal bars though so I'll plod on with those!! Might have weekends to try things like poached eggs, bacon, mushrooms. Although - I only like egg yolk ;)
hide my scales!

Been weighed again (bad i know..) and I've gained a lb. Then I lost 1/2 a lb then nothing, it stayed the same. I think I need new scales as they say something different everytime I step on them!! Having said that, I'm gutted I haven't lost at least 2lbs, I know I had a little blip on Saturday afternoon but surely it can't have done that much damage? :cry::cry::cry:Anyway, will plod on with plan, if I haven't lost much Saturday may join class.

Breakfast - cereal bar 4syns
coffee - milk as HexA
Lunch - Grilled chicken with savoury rice
Dinner - Chilli with pitta bread (HexB) and salad
Syns - snack o jacks 5.5 syns, 1tbsp reduced fat sour cream and chive dip (not sure on syns but won't have any more so it won't go over 15syns.... I hope!! )

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Breakfast - cereal bar 4 syns

Lunch - I don't know what possessed me :( Prawn Sandwich (wholmeal bread though!) and walkers baked crisps.

Dinner - Chicken and Bacon club sandwich with salad

Going to join a SW class tonight - think I need that little bit of extra support and someone weighing me to help me stay fully on track. Still having a kerfuffle with scales so I think using one set and sticking to them will do me good! :)
First (new) day on plan!

First day of being on plan after going back to group last night. Feeling excited! Decided to do red and green days as I'm struggling with 1/3 of a meal being super free, think that's why I didn't do very well on my own as I wasn't doing Extra Easy properly. Anyway, menu for today.... Might even start to post pics of my meals to make things look pretty in the diary! :)
Green Day
Breakfast - Yoghurt and Fruit
Lunch - Beans on toast, 3 babybel light
Dinner - Spinach and Mushroom Cannelloni, Salad

HE's A - 3 babybel
A - reduced fat cheddar
B - 2 wholemeal toast

Syns - Meringue nest (2.5syns) crushed with fat free strawberry yoghurt topped with strawberries

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