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KD - You're my hero! Please help!


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Honey, don't worry yourself. What Tilly was trying to say (if she doesn't mind me saying) was that this diet is hard enough without being tempted by scraps of food (which lead to bigger scraps, which lead to full blowouts).
It is so much easier to stick to it 100% than to convince yourself you'll "just have this little bit of chicken" because it leads to so much more.
I know this because this is how I failed last time.

If you have a situation where you really can't have a bar/shake/soup/etc then so be it, but beware of the pitfalls before you do.
(hope that doesn't sound harsh! I just don't want anyone to fall into the trap I did)



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Thanks Jen..

Yeah.. I completely agree with what Tilly was saying... I'm just feeling VERY wobbley about my plans for Friday.. to be honest, I'd be feeling nervous about the meal even if I wasn't on CD (or any diet).. I just want to be casual, cool, competent, and inconspicuous. I want to only be noticed for anything I do well, and otherwise I want to disappear into the background!

I've now had a long conversation with my CDC about it, who's fab, and we've come up with a plan. I have been 100% since I started this, and had a week of preparation before my start date. I have taken this more seriously than anything, so not only am I feeling VERY nervous about the prospect of doing anything other than SS, but I suddenly felt unsupported as well :(

Fortunately there's good support on here, KD's been fab as ever, and my CDC's a star, so I might just survive this thing!

Thank you!

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Aw hun. It is quite a lonely diet (lack of socialising, etc) but will be soooo worth it in the end.
(((((BIG hugs))))) and good luck for your meeting, you'll be fab x
Hi discojen I am having exactly that problem too. I started having a litttle bit here and a bit there and had a bad day yesterday an today. I am not hungry it is just the nibbling. How did you kick yourself back to no nibbling?

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