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Gone fishing
I did have a diary on the pink site, but I read it back once and deleted it not long after. Okay…I read half of it, then decided that the best course of action was to set the alarm clock off to wake me up after I had gazed at the 2nd half.

I kind of miss doing it though. Sharing my thoughts, trials and tribulations, so I thought I’d do another..even if it’s just for a while.

Today: Got up at 6:00am. Did some housework and wrote some music. Played the piano and chatted with kiddos :)

Worked from home this morning, so lots to do, but at least I can spare my voice. (Sore throat following a cold)

Time to start my proper day. This started as normal….make porridge, forgot to cook it, ate half then realised and put the bowl in the microwave. Turned it on and then promptly forgot about it.

Turn on computer after son has left for school. I have 10 powerpoints to do for school and my lesson plan. No probs. I am preparing 200 children for the carol service (which is mainly music). They need to learn 10 Christian Christmas carols/songs, which I either obtain or write. We usually get a great selection of fun stuff which goes down well, but this year I have a Yr 4 from hell. Reckon I’ll be bald by Christmas! Memo to me: put wigs down on Karions Christmas List:cool:

Next it’s off to computer. Turn on, wait for windows to load, plug in memory stick. Notice smoke, see some sparks..pull out memory card. You know….normal day :rolleyes:

So now none of my usb ports are working. Blast. I need to print off stuff, update my ipod (which I use for all the backing tracks at school), move my files via the memory stick to the computer attached to the whiteboard. Ummm. Not happy. Find a solution by setting up the family computer and doing it all on there. Not ideal and took ages to set up as I like, but at least it works

So work on powerpoints, which contain the lyrics for the songs. Happy with the backgrounds and graphics I have used. I will play them via the interactive whiteboard in the hall at school…:cool:

Finish powerpoints and synch them with the music, so they automatically change the page as the verses progress. How smart am I? :D

Write lesson plans. This is easy. Aim: to teach them something and hype them up sufficiently to drive to drive their class teachers nuts for the rest of the day. Etc etc. My school plans are always a constant source of amusement amongst my colleagues. No idea why;)

Lunch: Remove cold porridge from microwave. Have some broccoli and stilton soup followed by some fruit and greek yoghurt.

Afternoon : Go to St Sweethearts. Nice :) Much easier that St Chavs that I had yesterday. Put plans into action. Watch teachers mop brows as I leave. Success!!

Straight on to the hospital. :(

Enough waffle for the moment.

Cant wait for next installment!!

Better than Bridget Jones....better than virtually everything I read (and I read a lot!).

You must write it all up and publish it, darling!!

More please.........
Thanks folks :cool:

So I finish school and pop home to prepare for the hospital. I have 5 mins and loads of preparation :D
  1. Clean teeth
  2. Floss teeth
  3. Chew ½ a packet of breath fresheners with deep breaths every 5 or seconds to get the smell into my lungs and circulating around my body.
  4. Suck last ½ packet.
  5. Wipe face, wash hands, comb hair.
And I’m off! Get to hospital. Spend 15 minutes driving around the carpark trying to find a space. Find the receptionist of Maxillofacial Clinic. So pleased about that. I was nervous that I wouldn’t find it and would have to ask someone. I keep wanting to call it the Maxamillion Clinic:eek:

Report in and they ask me to wait there. Everyone else gets to sit down in the waiting room. I guess they’ve heard about me:rolleyes: .

It’s not that I purposely discharge myself from hospitals, it’s just a misunderstanding.

Take for instance when I had a scan for my gallstones. She said, “right you can get dressed now”

I dressed and came home. It wasn’t until I got home did it suddenly occur to me that they might not have finished with me. I envisaged them standing outside the changing room knocking and calling out “are you alright in there?” :D

Then there was the time I was called in with a blue light job. Hey….that gets you some attention :D They don’t let me go to sleep most of the night and then when I am actually allowed to drop off, they wake me to see if I want a cup of tea and weetabix! Who on earth only eats one weetabix?!!! Now, that’s not practising what they preach. Sleep is supposed to be good for me and aren’t I supposed to have a hearty breakfast? Besides, I had been SSing, and was longing for an excuse to break it with something impressive, but one weetabix…sigh.

Nevertheless, I did as I was told, ate and drunk without moaning and awaited the arrival of the team of doctors. The eventually come. Mutter amongst themselves. Ask each other questions and leave with a quick “goodbye”.

Okay, I’m pretty sure that they haven’t finished their shift, so I guess that means I need to go. So I get dressed and go straight to school in the clothes the ambulance has taken me to the hospital in. Who needs to sign discharge forms when the door is open and waiting for me :D

I guess that’s why they didn’t let me go alone in the waiting room? Who knows, but it was fun to think that I might have a reputation :D

I’m rambling again aren’t I?

It’s not that I purposely discharge myself from hospitals, it’s just a misunderstanding.

Take for instance when I had a scan for my gallstones. She said, “right you can get dressed now”

I dressed and came home. It wasn’t until I got home did it suddenly occur to me that they might not have finished with me. I envisaged them standing outside the changing room knocking and calling out “are you alright in there?” :DI?

LOL, I'm so glad it's not just me who does these daft things!!!

I recently went to see a lady who did Aromatherapy along with Crystal Healing, not really my bag, but the massage was nice. When I went for the second time, she said she'd do the Crystal Therapy again, didn't mention the massage, but I assumed it would be the same as first time. She asked me to get myself ready & get on the bed. I popped out to the loo first and went back into the room ready to strip down to my knickers and get on the bed. By now though she'd come back into the room and said to me just pop your shoes off then & get onto the bed. Imagine how mortified I'd have been (and traumatised she'd have been) if she'd come back into the room & I'd been on the bed in all my glory:eek:
LOL. They don't call you Madam Dotty for nothing eh ;)

Yeah...I would have probably done that too. OOOhhhh just thought of a question for people. Will start a new thread.
So there am I being watched by the receptionists, when I get called over the tannoy thingy. Of course, I don't hear a thing, and stand there looking around, waiting for someone to give me eye contact and move their mouths:rolleyes:

You wouldn't believe how many times I've talked or walked off with strangers thinking that they are talking to me, when they're just singing to themselves :D

Just then a young lady comes from behind and touches my elbow. Wish they wouldn't do that. Makes me jump. She talks loudly to me, as if that will help and I will understand her gobbledegook better. Umm. But still, I follow her into a room with a large xray machine. She checks my date of birth, which I remember:eek: and address..which I can also recite back:eek::eek: (must have been a good day :D ). I can hear her now, as I can partly guess what she wants me to say.

I'm told to walk into this machine. Yeah right. As if. Ohh, it's okay, there's a gap for me to pass through. Wow! Aren't I glad I've lost weight!

I have to stand still and not talk:confused: That's the toughest part of the whole test :D

The machine revolves around me. I have to bite on this piece of plastic that sticks out. I can feel myself biting harder and harder. I imagine my front teeth breaking off.

The xray was painless though. I can manage that.

Again, I'm escorted back to the reception area to wait. I get talking to the receptionists. I've already had to keep stoom for a good 5 minutes and so feel that I have to make up for time :)

Then I'm touched again by that same first lady and taken to see the consultant.

He seems a good man. Foreign...maybe Asian? He tells me his name half a dozen times. Tam? Fam? Damn? Something like that. Then I seem to tune into him and can hear what he's saying. We have a laugh or two. Yep. He's okay....he gets my jokes.

I'm confused. There is no dentist chair. Perhaps this is to come, but no...he's talking about my teeth. He knows everything from the xray. How cool is that? What a waste of breath fresheners:p

He compliments me on my dentist. My root canal treatments are super duper. Beautifully done he tells me. Oh goodo. Shame about the rest of my teeth.

Yes, the main facial nerve is very close to the root of my wisdom tooth which keeps getting infected. I was right to be referred to him.

He asks me how much alcohol I drink. None really except on two occasions. Christmas and toothache time.

I'm happy, because I often recommend whisky as an excellent reliever of toothache and he agrees. It's the best. Chuck away the paracetamol and glug from the bottle :D

They plan to extract the tooth. They are thinking general anaewhatsit. I'm think local anaewhatsit. I don't want a GA. Makes me depressed. So okay, a local will do unless they come across any difficulties.

They give me a date. Mid December:eek: Oh no no no. That wont do at all. I'm a music teacher. This is my crazy time.

So they change it to the 2nd January. That's cool. That's next year. I can forget about it :)

Today I have a chest infection of sorts. Well, I think it's a chest infection. I've had a cold which is unusual for me these days. The cold isn't giving me too much grief, but I'm hot/cold, shivery and coughing up the green stuff:eek:

It'll go. Feel so tired though. Struggled through lessons today, but the kids entertained me. A couple of matchsticks for my eyes wouldn't go amiss.

Oh bless you, hun - chest infections are horrid, aren't they! I do sympathise cos I get them too but that's my own stupid fault cos I smoke and should know better.

Glad the hozzy appointment went ok and that they can actually do something for you - at a time convenient for you - always a bonus.

lots of love
Thanks Cheb and Issy. I'm sure I'll be fine in a few days.

The 'poorly me' insisted that I ate toast last night. She always does that whenever I feel rough. Nag, nag, nag. She tells me that just one slice will help me, but I know that bread only comes in 3 slices at a time. I'm not easily fooled this days.

So I ate 3 slices, with butter and vegemite. It did perk me up.

Slept for 8 hours!:eek: OMG, that's a record for me. I'm a 4-5 hr a night person. Guess I needed it.

Working from home this morning. School this afternoon and lessons this evening. Usually go to the gym straight after the private lessons. Might not tonight. Think I'll be zonked out.

Just drinking my breakfast smoothie as I type. Today is Banana, milk, apple juice, yoghurt, porridge oats, plum, 1/2 kiwi and a small handful of frozen berries. Yum.:)

Hi Karion, enjoying your diary, glad your appt went ok, with a result in sight too.

Hope you're soon feeling better.
Hope you are feeling better Kar, that smoothis sounds delish, get some recipies on here for when I move up!
Woooo Hoooo - must subscribe to this thread... :)

You had me giggling at my desk reading about your hospital appointment (much to my office mate's surprise!)
Hope you're soon feeling better.

Thanks MD. Not feeling so tired today. Got a temperature though, but still cold and wrapped up here in a duvet. Work was good today though. St Sweethearts weren't exactly sweethearts :rolleyes:. I giving them waaaayyy to much fun :rolleyes:

Hope you are feeling better Kar, that smoothis sounds delish, get some recipies on here for when I move up!

Recipes? Umm. Easy peasy. Grab anything and stick it in the machine ;) I just chuck in whatever I can find. Sweet that is. Managed to control myself and not stick a breast of chicken in there :)

Woooo Hoooo - must subscribe to this thread... :)

You had me giggling at my desk reading about your hospital appointment (much to my office mate's surprise!)

Woohoo Maintainer! Nice to see you here :) How are ya diddling?
Today Had a Baxters soup for lunch. Couldn't be bothered to make anything. Spicy tom, sweetcorn and rice. Very nice.

Dinner: Chicken with leeks in cheese sauce (though I think I put too much cheese in there:eek:) with veg. Resisted the mash pots because of the toast yesterday....sigh

Just settling with my date with Mr Curly Wurly.

Having trouble with a member on my piano group. She's a new member who likes to be called 'Barbie'. Says it all really :eek:

Barbie is very upset. People keep talking and not addressing her personally. For this reason, she has sent me a message telling me that she wants to put me in hospital. Okay...she didn't use such pleasant language:rolleyes:

Just because everyone's messages don't say "hi Barbie":eek:

Ummmm. She's in Arkansas so I guess she's going to need long arms :D

Yeee. It's all good fun on the internet;)
I run a big piano chat group. Mainly concert pianists....except Barbie who likes the piano (we think), but objects to reading messages from other members of the group that don't start with the sentence Hi Barbie:confused:

I quote an email to myself as the owner of the group " I will come through this computer and kick mer ass get the picture if peepol don't call me Barbie. I will put you in the hospitle then you will die and that is not a threat that is a promise"

She sounds a bit cross to me. Perhaps a touch of PMS? :D
Hmmm possibly, or maybe just a psycho loony!!