Kebab's Weight Journey


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Jan 1st 2007.

This time last year I weighed 21stone:eek:

Lost some weight and started LL at the end of April at 19 stone 1lb (My scales made it 19.3)

Lost well, got down to 15 stone 4lbs, but couldn't get to meetings due to change in work. Tried CD, but never really got into it.

Christmas Day I weighed 16 stone 7lbs:eek:

Have been trying to get back to ss'ing with LL bought on e-bay, but heart not into it.

However, Today is start of new year, new me.

Weighed in at 16 stone 3lbs this morning. Never again!!:)

Ticker shows weight loss from April, can't bear to reset to current start weight, at least this way, I feel like I am making some progress!!

Oh well, 4 packs and loads of water for me today.

Hears to a new start!
Good luck for the rest of your journey this year babe! You've already done fantastic by losing 5 stone!!!:)