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keep at class or go it alone?

I joined sw at the end of november with my sister and friend, both dropped out after 2 weeks and now I am going it alone and hate it.
I was back last week after xmas, got weighed, class got really busy and was sitting on my todd for at least 30 mins so I then got up and went home early. I really don't enjoy it now as I don't know anybody and there is alot of their own wee clicks.
I am thinking of going it alone but afraid incase I haven't the will power.
Do you all go to a class?
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I always go to class & when I first joined didn't know anyone, but now I know quite a few people. Why don't you just sit next to someone & make conversation; it's easy to find something to talk about as you are all there for the same reason. Why don't you try & sit next to someone who also looks like they are alone.

If you find it difficult to talk to people how about smiling at the person you are about to sit next to.

At this time of year there are so many new people at class and a lot will feel exactly as you do now.
I have jut re-joined class as I know I can't do it alone.

I go on my own, and admit that it can sometimes be lonely sitting there on your own, So I find myself forcing myself to sit next to people and asking how their week was. Have a look round the room and see if there's anyone else sitting by themselves and then sit with them. There's always little groups of friends in the club, but more often than not those people have been there a while, and didn't know each other before they started!

Try not to think of it as being abandoned by your sister and friend, and look at it as being something you're doing for yourself.
have u tried going to another class completely, that way they see you as a newby not someone who was in a group now isnt, my group is quite close and i dreaded it when my bf mum dropped out , but i offered someone a cuppa tea and all is good


Find someone sitting on their own and sit next to them it and start a conversation.

I started alone and talk to many groups now, thats how I did it :D

Try not to see them as cliques, they are just people who have known each other longer. Go for it, I love going to my group now.
I would recommend you stay to group, I sat on my own last week, smiled at a few people who also joined that morning. I bought this month's SW magazine at group and sat and read that 'til it started.

A lot of people joined that morning (10) so it was a longer session than normal.

I know I will recognise a few of those people and will hopefully strike up a conversation or two. :)
Lots of good advice here. Put yourself in someone else's shoes. If you were a new member who had just arrived, wouldn't you be pleased if someone sat next to you and chatted? Lots of people are starting SW now, after Christmas, and you have the opportunity - with a bit of effort - to make lots of new friends.
Hey Trisha10

I know what you mean by feeling on your own and people having their own cleeks.
I always think to myself -
"well, Im here for the same reason they are, so im gonna just get on with it". At the end of the day you could use that as your inspiration. Make sure your losing every week and sticking to the plan because you know those people in their cleeks are going to hear about it! I think you will be surprised how quickly you will be invited in to a group and how quickly you will soon get to know everyones name. Chat to the person next to you, even if its just a brief chat to introduce yourself, then the following week you can say hello to them again and build on a friendship. I think we all find the first few weeks daunting but soon enough you will forget all about it and wonder why you ever worried. Chin Up Mrs!! ;)
Good Luck xx

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