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Keep Going..it's so worth it!

Hi Guys

I have'nt been on here for a while and probably won't remember me. I haven't logged on here since last summer when i lost all my weight.

Cambridge Diet was one of the best things that ever happened to me, at times it can be hard..but theres nooo food in the world that tastes as good as seeing your weight drop on the scales.

I was lucky enough to lose four stone on the diet..around may/june. Since then (including xmas) i've put on 7 and a half pounds. Not bad considering i still go to the chippy every week!

In a round and about way, all im trying to say is guys..just guts it out..its so worth it. And also..when its all done..maintenance is a doddle, as long as you dont eat outrageous amounts :)

Love you all

God bless

Power Through (the phrase that kept me going)

x x
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Aww that's such a good post! It's nice to hear that the diet really does work, cos I know a lot of us worry about putting all the weight back on.

Well done and thank you for the inspiration :)


Why Be Normal?
Appreciate your popping in to encourage all of us! Thanks. MM


Silver Member
I do remember you... the name always amused me. Glad you were able to keep it up and keep it off.
I remember you :)

I think we both left at the same sort of time ;)

My head just wasn`t in the right place and I didn`t want to even think about cheating whilst on the diet, So I decided to work up the plans and come off it until I was "back in the zone".

I am now there again mentally, And like you, Haven`t gained too much - More or less the same amount ;) so I am back to finish what I started :D

It`s good to hear from you Xxx
That was really nice of you to post. Thanks! :)

I remember you guys too! I hope your all well?!

I'm glad you guys are here, I was scared everyone had left or something

Take care


Gaelic Faery

Cambridge Counsellor
I remember you as well :) Glad to see you're doing so well. I just popped back on the boards myself after a long absence!

Brilliant to see the success stories!
Some of us are like bad pennies :rolleyes: Always here ;) hehe

Hope you have a great week Xx


hoping for a good loss
well done on your losses and keeping it off. Of course I remember you. Think I will be here forever lol
Hahaha! I don't think any of us are ever gonna leave!

My weeks been great so far, apart from having to tell international students who pay £12,000 for a one year course that there exams and courseworks weren't up to scratch. Other than that it's been randy dandy! :)

Thanks for your message it really encourages me to know that there are real success stories out there because all you hear about is the weight going back on!! Thanks again xxx
Any probs or questions, feel free to PM me :)

Deepak x

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