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a few of you may remember me. i havent been on here for about 2 months, maybe 3 only because i thought i was getting too obbsessed with loosing weight, even though it was really supportive to get questions answered and inspiration and help. so i decided to stick to slim fast on my own - even managed to get my bf on it too.
i hope my story will inspire you...
havent weighed myself for ages so today decided to weigh myself and i am exactely at my goal weight!! am very pleased.
gone from size 18 to size 10 and minus 4.5 stone... when i realised that it was my target i thought that i must go on here to see how you guys are doing (and i see ur all doing really well!) and to let u know that it can be done. so often i thought i was never ever going to get to my goal and it was too ambitious, so keep it up, and for any newbies...as a diet i'd highly recommend slim fast its cheap and convienient and easy to follow.
a few months back i was trying to find some one who'd got to their target weight on slim fast but cudnt so for anyone in same situation here i am!!
i have slimfast shake for breakfast and lunch and 2 100 cal snacks, 600 cal dinner and pudding (usually 100-200 cals) i was going to start cutting down on snacks as i reached goal but didnt in the end cause i always got too hungry.
i also do exercise 5 days/week for about 20 mins.
i wasnt always good and had many indulgencies - easter, holidays, most weekends (;)) and alcohol so obv enjoyed myself too!
hope i can keep it off now.

keep going you guys!!!
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thankyou sooooo much

hi lili i just had to write and say thank you.i'm new to these boards and been on sf for 2 weeks and lost 4lbs.i was on sw but got fed up of thinking about what to eat.your story is truely insparational.our stats are almost identical.i am 203lbs and my goal weight is 137lbs and i'm 5ft 6.5 inches.i hope i can do aswell as you did.so congratulations and thanks for posting your journey,annxx:D
Wow Lili! Well done!!! What an accomplishment and it just shows it can be done and yes your story is inspiring. Thanks for letting us all know that you've done so well. Slimfast does work, I know that, but it just shows that if you stick with it and don't give up you can get to your goal. You must be so happy :)


in my dreams!!!!!!
hi lili, thank you so much for your journey, it really does help to read that others have managed to lose on sf and that you are also human by having weekends, hols off etc, well done you and i bet you look and feel fantastic too by your achievement x
Thanks for the encouragement, the more I hear about people losing the amount of weight that I need to lose, the more I'm confident that it is going to happen for me this time. And congratulations. Job well done.
wow well done!


Is feeling the love!
Lilli, thanks, just the kick up the bum I needed to keep me on track. I gave up for a few months and now I sort of wish I hadn't as I don't have too far to go.
Your story has given me inspiration to push for that last little bit!!!


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