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Keep me on the straight and narrow


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Just needed to put a few thoughts down. A few of you will have seen my name round over the past year.

To keep a long story short. I am back ss'ing again to try and get to goal as never quite reached it.

I am in week 2 and for some reason, this time is the toughest time ever. I am not faultering or going to break the diet, just finding everyday a real struggle this time. Is it because?

- I am not so unhappy with my weight, although not happy by any means.

- I have been here before so it is not as new? 3 shakes a day again!

- I am not so amazed that the weight comes off so quick as have seen it before.

All I can seem to think is, oooh restaurant for steak and salad. Maybe another diet would be easier. One day off?

I know all this is stupid as a meal would soon be over and I would feel worse after it. Done this other diet thing many times - has it ever worked for me yet, no! One day off!!!! 5 hungry days getting back into ketosis.

So why is the demon sooo loud this time? I am very commited and just wish he would quiet down and not be whispering to me every 10 mins. (Diet demons are always men, lol)

Does anyone have any theories or have similar experiences?
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Hi hun,
I am so with you on this one I know how to do it and I know it works so why can't I stick to it. My CDC said to me if your finding it that hard and you keep falling off why not move up a step to 810 and see how you go and it was like magic I am on week 2 and it has all clicked back into place again, I am focused on my end goal and ok I might not get there as quick as I would on SS but with all the messing around it would of taken longer anyway.

We will get there hun we haven't come this far to fail now xx


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I am in the same place as you. I don't despise my weight at the mo although I need to lose at least 2 stone more! I feel for you because I seem to tell myself it is ok to eat pork scratchings because there are no carbs! Could you try going up a plan? as SS+ has the same sort of results :) x


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I said to my hubby the other day the urgency has gone now I am feeling better about how I look and I feel normal as most girls would like to lose a stone or 2. I was on SS for 7 months no probs then Xmas put me off track but we will get there girlies xx


is a naughty girl...
t was the same as me, xmas killed me! ;) I had tonsillitus too and had to eat so I was off plan for 3 weeks and then couldnt get back to it! think this will be my first loss this week :D x


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well least we are back on the loss train lol


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Thank you both for your thoughts. We only do it to ourselves.
My plan at the mo. is to stick with it as long as I can. Lots of distractions (and this amazing site) and if I get really bad, to allow a 4th pack.

I completly agree that moving up a step will be the way to go if I start to faulter, and I am not bothered about slower losses, as long as I get there.

But it is just weird how the demon will not let go this time. I wonder if it is my emotional eating and the need for comfort at a high. It is usually food I use for a comfort and now I am determined to stick to this plan, I can't comfort with food.

Hubby is ace and very supportive and also gives lots of hugs, but I do moan a lot so do try and not moan too much to him. Maybe I should let it out more and by not bottling it up, loose the need for comfort?

I just need to learn how to control this demon, he will still be there when I try and maintain. Just trying to work on the head thing to get into a good frame of mind for maintenance.

Are you guys looking forward to maintenance, or very aprehensive like me??? I won't even discuss or read about yet as trying to stay here is hard enough.


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I am lucky as hubby is on CD too but moaned more than me lol, I am not thinking to far ahead either but I have looked at all the books. I am an emotional eater I wrote about it all in my blogs, but I am not as bad as I used to be and I am getting better at finding other ways to cope. I come on here to vent or go out on my bike another thing I do is go on the wii when I am feeling low and its such a laugh that it really helps.
But the voices are always going to be there and they will shout loud but we will learn to ignore them as we feel better about how we look and feel well thats what I am hoping lol.

I have tried to change how I treat myself if I was having a stressful week I would say lets have a take away and some choccy, now I have my nails done, Eybrows waxed and tinted and eyelashes tinted (which I highly recommend to anyone who has never had it done it looks fab) and thats really helped.


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hi. i am one stone from goal and really struggling. i look and feel better but no i feel complacent sometimes and end up nibbling. its almost as if i wont let myself get to goal and keep sabotaging myself!

i am terrified of getting to goal and having to come off CD. told hubby last night i would stay on CD for a long time to maintain and would keep having the shakes as meal replacements and he was not pleased. i am too scared to go alone without CD and want to use it to maintain like people do when they have a slimfast shake. for every pound i hve lost i know it should have been double but for my nibbling. its week 10 for me and i refuse to move up the plans yet but i realy need to get my head sorted as there is nothing worse than nibbling as it completely messes with your head for the rest of the day!
Speak to your CDC about it, I was worried about it until I started going up the steps and they should be there to support you all the way through.


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Well just had to have a full blown row with myself in the kitchen!! Nearly headed down the 'salmon and salad isn't to bad' slippery slide into chocolate.
So here I am with shake in hand struggling on. It is sooo cold here (French Alpes) at the mo. -6 deg. today bbbbbrrrrrr But I know that in a few weeks we will all be in t.shirts again. So want to look good in jeans and t.shirt (with no muffin top!) That would be amazing.

Have you girls got a 'want to wear and look good' set of clothes!
Well done hunny for sticking the shakes you must be freezing up there, is that were you live ?? or are you just visiting?? I only ask as hubby and I are thing of moving up that way in about 7 yrs when our babies are all grown up.

Clothes wise I am just looking forward to looking nice in everyday clothes and I re-new my wedding vows in june so I am hoping to wear something extra special


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Am living here now. Adore the summers but I am over winter now, want spring. Ski season finishes mid-April though so everyone else wants the snow to continue! I'm cold enough in my ketosis without snow ta!
Well today has been a good day. Had to go to town to do a load of jobs. Whilst busy, no problems. Back home this eve, demon is shouting!

I did read a thread about how you have a natural set point to weight and if you have raised this, it is hard to lower again, you will always have to try to maintain the weight. Anyway, one thing that came up in the thread was a lot of people getting very worried about this and always being hungry (as high set point).
To put my thoughts down, I expect some hunger in maintenance. I think one of the whole reasons I'm here, is that I'm never hungry. I eat too much, too frequently to ever feel hungry (I'm not talking emotial hunger here, physical).
I think I need to learn how much breakfast will keep me going the morning and running out (feeling hungry) half an hour before lunch, and so on.
I don't know, is it that? Or is more about the types of food you eat????
Stick your thoughts down please - guess I may have just broached the maintanence idea for after dieting? New for me!

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