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    i know some of you already do this online (and i admire you for it but i just havent got the bottle to put it out there for all!), but since i started this diet i have been keeping a journal. i started to write down how i felt etc.
    the last two days tho i have started to think back on my past- things like comments that were said to me about my weight that just gnawed away at me, opportunities missed, and what i ate when i binged! to see it all written down, makes me realise now how bad i was and how it that was no normal way to eat. think i was a bit in denial. it is helping me now see where i went wrong and how i got my body this large! i think before i just blamed it on my job as i dont have much activity, or my condition (PCOS). but when i wrote it all down it was so clear to me!
    its been actually quite therapeutic and i hope that when i come to the end of this mammoth journey, i can look back and see how far i have come and how my behaviour and attitude towards food has changed. i would reccommend it to others - write it down, noone has to read it, and the good days you had and how you overcome the bad ones are really good to reread when your having times of weakness!
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    I think its a great idea hun i have a diary aswell and i write in it. I have a diary on here in the members only section but have to admit i dont write to much in it.

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    slim&save, tried everything in the past,failed expert on them all
    good idea, writing down triggers that make us eat and what comfort food we turn to should make us all realise how we got to the size we WERE.
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    i've got one of them pukka pads from asda with the pretty dividers in...

    got my weight tracker in one section, hints and tips for myself in another with regards to exercise, aamw etc

    and the other section is my random ramblings about the diet, if something happens that makes me feel good, or if someone says something hurtful about the diet etc. all about how i feel
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    i'm just really sad though... i write mine in the pad rather than online cos i love writing... how ridiculous is that... i just love my writing

    i always get compliments for my writing... i would love to have it analysed to see what it says about me
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