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Keeping busy day.

I find that when the rain comes down (which is nearly always) my little mind always wanders to "cosy" food... fresh bread from a bakery, fairy cakes and apple pies and roast beef dinners! Today its pouring but I have planned my day off work and am going to blitz my house til two o clock when I will then have ww chicken hotpot and an hour with my book before continuing my house. What are you guys doing to stop food thoughts? Maria xx
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i do the same,,i tidy a bit before i come on here sit with my brekkie and stay for awhile,,then go tidy again shower kids then myself, have some lunch tidy up again might put on a movie later for myself and kids and have a hot choc(low fat):D
at the mo' I am sitting on the sofa watching Diagnosis Murder. Have planned to have a shower in an hr or so. Then I am going to go into town with hubby when he's heading back to work. So I will have a nose around the shops (so won't be tempted to eat). And then when he finishes work we will go and do our grocery shopping. Will clean up the kitchen before I go and so this will keep me busy till lunch-time. Othrwise I will still be sitting here come tonight as I am so tired today but not going to give in to it. :wave_cry:
It must be a day for housework, that's what I'm doing!

Just dusted, now got to hoover (having a well deserved break at the moment!), second washing in the machine, get third on when that's done....ooh a girls work is never done!

Happy cleaning everyone! :D
well, ive been in bed all day, i was up half the night with stomach cramps so im lacking good old sleep. i have a feeling ill be online most the day!

im stuck at work with lots to tempt me, but I am not giving in to the muffins that have been braught in for us all or the chips in the canteen, I have had a very nice salad for my dinner x



Sweet wrapper fetishist.
Ooh pouring rain. Cosy food - what about nice warming 0 pt soup, yummy low fat casseroles and errrr......sticky toffee pudding?! ;)

I come on here to distract myself, or look on other weight loss sites for inspiration. Or look at 'fat photos'. It can really help sometimes to be reminded why I'm refraining from high fat foodage!


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
I'm generally too busy to stop for a coffee at home so I don't think about food until I need to!

When I do think about the naughty bits of food I tend to potter around the house, go on the wii fit or open my uni work!
:thankyou:Thank you all for your lovely and varied answers, I have cleaned and polished and hoovered and done two wash loads but now my 3 boys have asked me to bake them a choc cake and some cookies:argh::argh: (they dont know Im on a diet and I dont want them too as they are lovely but may start "I thought you were on a diet" comments)
So Im off to bake and just enjoy the smells as determined to stick to it.
Wish me luck ??:needhug:

Dia Dhuit Puisín

is back on the wagon!
Best of luck with the baking.

:vibes: I'm sending you some willpower.

(Disclaimer: Willpower results obtained by user may differ from intended results.)
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I made sure I had a good brekkie (bacon & egg sarnie) before doing the weekly supermarket shop. I also had a wee look round the charity shops for ww books - I managed to find some perfect size glasses that I have been looking for for only 50p each, a funky necklace for £1 but the best thing was a ww cook smart baking cookbook for £2 - It looks like something you could use right now, the recipes look yummy - maybe you can find it online and then will not need to resist so much when you cook for your boys x
p.s. If you like I can type out the recipe for chocolate brownies (only 2pts per serving ;))
p.p.s. Good Luck :hug99:
Sooshine thats such a lovely offer and thank you, I made all the goodies and only ate some krispy buns which immediately caused a headache as Im off choc a while so its good really as not even tempted now to any of the rest of it. xx
you did well to resist (almost) temptation!
I saved some points yesterday so that i could have bacon and egg at dinnertime with other half... i cooked it on top of a rack in the oven instead of frying, but left it in for a bit too long, so it was like cardboard! didnt enjoy it much..... am hoping any fat was baked to oblivion!
Ahh aversion therepy - I wish I had that for cheese :D Hope you are feeling better now.
Btw just in case the brownie recipe can be found on the 'goodtoknow' website - I would post a link but I'm not allowed until I have 50 posts (am obviously working on that :eek:)
leoleoleo123 - I too have had the cardboard bacon experience... not good :( I cooked my bacon & eggs in frylight - I trim all the fat off the bacon first - just had it again for brekkie in a ww bagel with mushrooms & tomatoes - yummy :p

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