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Keeping Motivated


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I was just wondering what everyone is doing to keep themselves motivated.

I personally have a couple of lovely items of clothing hanging up in my wardrobe, which are my ultimate goal, in a size 12-14 (as well as a few interim pieces to keep me going, which I try on every week to see how close I'm getting!). My "ultimate" items I won't fit into until at least May of next year, but it does keep me motivated and sometimes I take them out and just look at them!

I'm also keeping motivated by the fact that I'm visiting a male friend next year, and when I see him I really think he's going to be soooo incredibly surprised by how I look. Inappropriateness will follow :angeldevil:

So tell me guys, what gets you past temptation and back on the path to being slim and beautiful?
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Joiya, that sounds like motivation enough to me! ;)

I'm not really sure what i use as motivation - i think my main thing is everyone thinking i wouldn't be able to do it - so i have to prove them wrong!

I have a couple of size 16 trousers that i can fit into but they are still a little snug so i use those to see how i am doing, and i guess when i am into the 16's i'll buy a pair of 14's to use as my guide!

I also have my brothers wedding in June 2011 so i am determined to be slim for that and to actually enjoy dress shopping!

Good luck with your journey :)
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Yeh clothes is deffo my thing. Nothing more satifying that when you fit in that new top :) x
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Hi :) Good thread!

My motivation now, after a very difficult year, is to get back to where I was 3 or 4 months ago. Having lost 10 stone in 2008, and maintaining until this summer when I lost the plot a bit, after a lot of personal family losses, I want to feel fit again - healthy. Light on my feet, light in my mind.....and I know because of what I learned in LL in 2008, and in spite of how I crashed this summer - that I can do it now, before it got too far out of control as it would have in the past!! The thought of feeling slim again, after never having felt it my entire life is enough to see me right to the end! So yay! That's my long winded motivation!! :)


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S: 12st12lb C: 12st12lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 25.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
That's pretty good motivation though! I can certainly imagine that when you've been at your goal and you can remember how amazing that felt, that the desire to feel that way again would really keep you on track.

Personally I've never been at that point and I'm really looking forward to it! At the moment it's like I have a glimpse of how it's going to feel, and I want the whole thing.

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