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Keeping the weight off ??


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HI Zoe

I did 140 days strict SS last year and lost 6 stone. I finished in October 2007. I've been maintaining eating low GI food since then and my weight loss as of today is 6 stone half a pound! Your weight does fluctuate a bit when you are eating but that happens to thin people too! Any diet can help you lose weight (tho not so fast as a VLCD) but it's whether you change your eating habits long term that makes you maintain the loss. So my answer would be these are life changing tranformational diets...but it's the changes you make yourself that will maintain the loss....Good luck!


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As Frejja said, it's about changing your eating habbits completely post diet. I intend on following something like weight watchers, which will teach me about portion control (my biggest issue!). If you continue to eat the same rubbish you did before the diet, then you will gain again.


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As already said no diet is going to maintain your weight loss for life you have to change what you eat to keep the weight off . If you go look at any diet WW SW they all have peeps who lost then went back to eating pre diet and put it all back on .You have to start planning now for the rest of your life xxxx

there are web site to help minis is good sparkspeople is good but is american based free tho weightloss resources pay monthly but lots on here use it with great success the one I think Im going to use is freedomdiets pay monthly but follows the GL maintainance anyway little help to kick start the rest of your journey hope this helps xxx


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I lost 8 stone and have kept it off for 2 years 8 months :)

Mrs B

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Around here if you go to a slimming club you meet the same people over and over again. If you don't change your eating habits you will regain the weight BUT it is the same for all diets.

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