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Keeping track of PP on nights out/parties

Woke up on saturday and the boyfriend decided on having a few friends over and having a BBQ. That was fair enough I was all stocked up on salad stuff and had a bit of mince in the fridge etc so no stress in keeping track there. As soon as every one got there the drink started flowing I went in and poured my vodka out to the measure and put in my 0pp Kx, and marked out on my 49 weeklies what I'd gone into (i have a chart on the fridge). All good....

But then when I was cooking and also when I had drank a few my friends started bringing me out drinks, so I lost track completely. I haven't gone out out since starting ww but I know its gonna be difficult for me to keep track when I'm out having a laugh. I was thinking about giving myself like "drink tokens" or something that lets me spend Xpp but I also know when it gets to a certain point of the night I'll just be like "ah sure feck it!" Any ideas? :confused:
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I have the same problem, when i go out to parties or clubs i tend to not count n just have what i would normally have. If i know im going out i dont use my weeklys i just save them up n then right them off once i have. I also go to the gym every day for a hour so i know that that will help if i do end up going over. I suppose it depends on the person and what they are like but with myself i just dont point when i go out. Its your choice find what works best. I find i still loose with doing this but you might be different x

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