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Keeping Track

Ok ... so i'm very new to this site but have been doing Slimming World for 6 weeks now and have lost 11lbs so far but am being a bit rubbish at writing out my food diary and thought that I might try keeping track this way ...:whip:

Today is a green day ..

28g Bran Flakes (HEb) with milk from allowance and a banana.

Mid Morning
Blue Riband (5 syns)

3 x Ryvita Wholegrain Crackerbread (1/2 HEb) with 2.5 LC Lights (1/2 HEa) and 42g ham (1/2 HEb)

Fresh mango

Mid afternoon
Tomato pasta mugshot

Dinner (will be ..)
Pasta with cherry tomato's, onions peppers, passata and chilli with 14g of grated cheddar (1/2 HEa)

If i have anything later it will be fruit and yogurt.

I will have used up all of my 350mls of skimmed milk (HEa)

As you can see I am a big fan of halving my HE's as it gives me more variety and I sometimes find the portions to be more than I would usually eat (eg 6 Ryvita Wholegrain Crackerbread!)

Does anyone else do this??
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Uurghh ... why do rainy day's make me want to eat loads?:sigh:

Going to try EE today, usually struggle with these but they seem to boost my weight loss so here goes ..

Breakfast - 1 Weetabix (1/2 HEb) crumbled over a banana with a banana and custard Muller light on top

Snack - 2 x Ryvita wholegrain crackerbread with ham and 1 LC light triangle (3.5 syns)

Lunch - left over pasta from last night (with tomato's, chilli, peppers, onions and pasatta) and apple and a pear.

For later - 1 x Alpen light bar (other 1/2 HEb)

HEa is 350mls skimmed milk

Not sure about dinner yet as am going shopping after work :p

I struggle a bit with what to eat if i'm out and about ... probably jacket potato and beans as it's safe :) anyone have any other ideas for eating out and about on EE??


Starting Again
As you can see I am a big fan of halving my HE's as it gives me more variety and I sometimes find the portions to be more than I would usually eat (eg 6 Ryvita Wholegrain Crackerbread!)

Does anyone else do this??
I've started to do that to, makes it much easier to keep full allday for me.
Yippee it's Friday! and my last day at work for a week!

I passed on the jacket and beans last night and had a Count on Us sweet and sour chicken with rice and peas but have no idea how many syns?? Most of other CoU meals are between 3.5 and 6 so I counted 6 to be on the safe side.

Havn't decided what kind of day to have yet ... so far i've had:

28g of Porridge Oats (HEb) made with 175mls skimmed milk (1/2 HEa), topped with 1tsp of honey (1 syn) and a handful of Blueberries (need to fit in a scan bran somewhere :yuk:)

Mid-Morning: banana

Jacket Potato with 2.5 LC Light triangles (1/2 HEa) and beans

Mid-afternoon: 1 x Alpen Light bar (3 syns)

Hubby wants chinese tonight which feels really naughty ... but yummy! Book says chicken in black bean sauce is 5 syns on EE and rice would be free ... maybe I could go EE and squeeze it in!? Hmmm decisions, decisions ;) ??

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Go with the chinese Hun. Stick to what is within your syn range and that way you wont feel left out. I had an indian takeaway last night as I was on an EE day and as long as you have plain boiled rice it would be free! Enjoy!
If ever I go to a pub, I make sure that Im on an EE day and I usually have gammon with fried egg (1 syn) and a jacket potato with salad.
Thanks Mrs V, I think I will :p

Like your suggestion for the pub meal too ... I love gammon steak!

Yummy chinese last night. Havn't had takeaway for ages and managed to stay within syns!

Today's EE menu ..

WW yogurt and 2 peaches

Mid morning - handful blueberries

3 x Ryvita crisbreads (1/2 HEb) spread with EL Mayo (1/2syn) topped with ham and cucumber

Mid afternoon - 1 x alpen light (1/2 HEb)

Cottage pie type thing made with EL steak mince, mixed veg, chopped toms, wourcester sauce and a beef oxo and sliced potato's on top and a portion of steamed broccoli

Realised that I had only used 1/2 my HEa in milk so had a hot chocolate with the other half (3.5 syns) and had a blue ribband (5 syns) choc fest!! Yummy!!

It's my little boys birthday bbq tomorrow .. little does everyone know that they will be tucking into Slimming World salads to go with the chicken, pork and SW burgers!! :whistle: Ha ha, they're all having an EE day with me!! :p
Glad you decided on the chinese - that's one of the great things about SW there are so many things you can have that feel really naughty that you don't feel like you're missing out at all. Even my Alpen Light bars feel like they shouldn't be allowed & you can have 2 a day as a HEB! I am easily pleased :crazy:

I think I eat a much bigger variety of things and definitely enjoy my food more now.
Back with the programme !

I'm back! Been on holiday for a week, nowhere fancy, just a few days in a caravan on the south coast ... but it was lovely, managed to stick to the plan (well, apart from the fish and chips and the Blueberry Tart!?) and I was very relieved that I didn't put any weight on at all despite the odd treat here and there :angel09:

The birthday bbq was fab and everyone complimented me on the salads, they were enjoying it so much I didn't even bother telling them they were all SW!

So ... back to the programme. Started off on a green day as I thought that I might need the carbs to get me through the first day back at work!

Breakfast: 28g Shreddies (HEb) with banana, blueberries and vanilla mullerlight.

Snack - 2 x Ryvita wholegrain crackerbread (1 from HEb to go with shreddies + 1 syn) with 2 x LC Light triangles (HEa)

Lunch: Jacket with beans and 2 x LC Light Triangles (HEa) followed by more blueberries ... can't get enough of blueberries at the moment :drool:

Snack - 1 Alpen Light (1/2 HEb) + 1 pear

Dinner: Chicken (1/2 HEb) and veggie stirfry with noodles and teryaki sauce (3.5 syns) and a toffee mullerlight

Will have had 350mls of skimmed milk (HEa) and need to fit in another LC Light Triangle

It's odd having a green day after so many EE days ... I feel like i've eaten loads!!

Back to EE tomorrow me thinks!
Definitely back to EE for me today! Felt really full and bloated last night, don't know why, might give green another go later in the week and see what happens ..

So, on todays menu:

Breakfast: 1 Weetabix (1/2 HEb) with banana, blueberries, 0% Total greek yogurt and 1tsp honey (1 syn) .. num, num, reminds me of holidays in greece even though it's pouring down outside! :p

Snack: 1 x Alpen Light (1/2 HEb)

Lunch: Ham and Egg salad, with cucumber, tomato, sweetcorn and 2tbsp X Light Mayo (1syn)

Snack: Cherries and Blueberries with vanilla muller light

Dinner: Pasta with tomato, chilli and quorn sausage sauce and 14g grated cheese (1/2 HEa).

175 mls skimmed milk for tea and coffee (1/2 HEa)

Syns: There's a dark chocolate Kit Kat sitting in the fridge at home with my name on it! :drool: (5.5 syns)
Yey, it's Friday! :bliss:

EE day again for me, felt much, much better for it yesterday.

Brekkie: 1 weetabix crumbled up (1/2 HEb) with a splash of milk (from HEa) banana, grated pear, 0% greek yogurt and 1tsp honey (1 syn) No blueberries this morning :(

Snack: 1 x alpen light (1/2 HEb)

Lunch: Jacket with Heinz curry beans (1 syn) and cucumber and red pepper salad

Snack: handful of cherries and an apple

Dinner: Prawn and veggie stirfry with noodles and teriyaki sauce (3.5 syns)followed by a meringue nest (3 syns) with strawberries and vanilla muller light.

Feeling quite peckish this afternoon so might squeeze in a tomato and pasta mugshot as it's free and I will already be up to 8.5 syns for the day -... I might just might want to have a glass of wine later :party0036:
Extra Easy Saturday for me .... and yummy it was too!

Brekkie: Usual, 1 weetabix (1/2 HEb) with chopped peach and strawberries and a mandarin muller light.

Snack: 1 finger of dark chocolate kit kat (2.5 syns)

Lunch: small jacket with ham, cottage cheese with pinapple (1.5 syns) and salad

Snack: Iced coffee (made with milk from HEa) and 1 x Alpen Light (1/2 HEb)

Dinner: Chicken breast with new potatos, mixed salad (orange and yellow peppers, cucumber, red onion and tomato) and Cannallini Bean Salad (1syn for dressing, 1tbsp Soy Sauce, 2tbsp Sweet Chilli Sauce, 1 tbsp Lemon juice, fresh chilli, corriander and mint) followed by strawberry flan and fat free fromage frais (made with a shop bought flan base, fresh strawberries and sugar free strawberry jelly) (2.5 syns the weeny slice I had!)

The cannallini bean salad and strawberry salad were both new recipies for me and were both yummy and low in syns so i'll post them in the recipies forum :p
Woohoo! Lost a pound last week which brings me to 1 stone lost!! :party0011:

Didn't get round to posting my diary last night so just a quick one for now ..

Breakfast: 1 x Weetabix 1/2 Heb) with Banana, Peaches, strawberries and mullerlight
(I know I have this every day but I never seem to get bored with it ... I actually look forward to it!)

Snack - 1 peach and a small slice of yesterdays strawberry flan (3 syns)

Lunch: Syn free quiche with new potatos and salad

Snack: Iced latte (made with milk from Hea) and 1 x Alpen light (1/2 Heb)

Dinner: Pasta with sauce made from tinned cherry tomato's, 1tsp tomato pesto (1.5 syns) and chilli

also had a bowl of strawberries a mini milk (1.5 syns) and 4 Mikados (2 syns) yum, yum!
Todays delights ... feel like i've been a bit disorganised today, need to get to the supermarket!

Breakfast: 1 Weetabix (1/2 Heb) with banana and peach and milk from Hea (really need to have something different for breakfast, it's so yummy but i'm in danger of turning into a weetabix!)

Snack: 1 x Alpen light (1/2 Heb) and a peach

Lunch: syn free quiche, beans and salad,1 x apple and a cherry muller light

Snack: Dark Chocolate Kit Kat (5.5syns)

Dinner: Roast chicken with new potatos and peas, meringue nest (2.5 syns)with strawberries and muller light.

2 x Mikado (1 syn)

Just time for a quick cuppa then bed I think ... :zz:
didn't get round to doing my diary yesterday but here goes for today ..

Breakfast: 28g Shreddies (HEb) with banana and milk from Hea allowance (175mls skimmed)

Snack: 1 x Peach and 1 x Alpen Light (3 syns)

Lunch: Jacket with bbq beans

Snack: 2 x ryvita wholegrain crackerbread (1 from Heb + 1 syn) + 2 x LC light triangles (Hea) and an apple

Dinner: gammon steak with potato waffle (2.5 syns) and 1 egg fried in fry light. Fruit salad (strawbs, peach, kiwi, grapes) and a meringue nest (2.5 syns)

Also had 1 finger of dark chocolate kit kat (2.5 syns)

Oop's, that's 11.5 syns today .. which is a few more than I normally have but have got so used to having my alpen light as 1/2 a HEb I forgot that today that I had shreddies for brekkie and not a weetabix so had to syn it :doh:

That's why it's good to write it down ... sometimes I have the memory of a goldfish!:crazy:

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