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Kelly's food diary. Virgin SW - keep an eye on me!


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Hi all. Im giving sw a go after years and years on ww. I did really well with ww and last year lost 3 stone. However, i think ive gotten bored of points and i need something to shake me up and think about things more. Ive got about 18lbs to lose now.

Ive decided to try sw and to stick to red days so id be grateful if you could read my diary and tell me if im doing ok.

B: boiled eggs
S: banana
L: large salad with bacon and crabsticks
S: sf jelly (1 syn?)
S: fruit salad of grapes and melon
D: burger with bun (HEB) and butternut squash wedges
S: jelly and meringe (2 syns?)
S: malibu and diet coke - any ideas on syns?

I prob had a couple of syns from my salad cream on my salad and a blob of tomato sauce on my burger
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Todays plans:

B: Mullerlight and banana
L: mushroom and onion omelette and a few crabsticks
S: large fruit salad of melon and grapes
D: burger in bun (HEB) again with bns wegdes
S: jelly and meringe (2syns)
S: curly wurly (6 syns?)

How am i looking?

Ive never been to a class. Im basically guessing things here. It seem quite common sense in most respects. Im unsure how to work out syns though. Is there a formula to work it out?

Thanks for looking


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Had a very well behaved weekend r the first time in months. I can't believe how easy it s to stick to. Moment f truth coming up though. Ave I lost any weight? Been doing this for 4 days now. Will update later.

Today's plans
Banana and muller for breakfast
Lunch is salad with sw quiche and bacon
Dinner is burger with hxb bun and bns wedges again!!!
Snacks are grapes, melon and strawberries. Curly wurly later.


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Hi Kelly, rule of thumb, 20 calories is 1 syn, though some will be removed if they have free foods in them, off the top of my head, the small merigne nests are 2.5 ( asda anyway)
Your burgers would only be syn free if they were homemade with extra lean mince.
But you seem to have te basics there
Good luck


On track to target
must admit, I've not synned a Chinese, I've only had 1 since starting, then it was a buffet and I was on holiday, other than that I make my own with a few syns
doesnt make any difference if rice or noodles, assuming plain boiled rice that is....
yeah, pizza really isn't good :-(
good luck

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